A wedding embellished with the tastefully selected colors makes for a memorable experience for the couple getting married and all the attendees as well. A color theme lends a visual unity to and adds a classy touch to the special occasion. Many people make a decision based on the color of their favorite flower or their personal favorite color. Many factors need to be taken into consideration before making a decision on the color e.g. the weather, the time of the year and even the dresses of the bridesmaids. Always start with a color you have always found appealing or take a few magazine images of various colors, stick them on a chart and get an idea of which ones showcase the colors of your choice. Make a note of the interiors of the venue where you plan to have your wedding. If the venue includes strong colors, you will have to decide on more subtle shades to make them blend well with the interiors. If you are planning an outdoors affair, fresh and light colors will enhance the ambience. A lot depends on the season in which your wedding is to take place. If you plan to have a spring or summer wedding, the right colors would be neutral pastels. If the wedding is to take place during the winter season, the ideal colors would be burgundy, deep purple and silver. If your wedding takes place during the Fall or Autumn, the colors will have to be more cheerful like red, yellow, ochre, gold and orange. The colors red and green would be ideal for the holiday season.  One must remember not to indulge in too many colors as it may just look disorganized and frivolous. Instead of the conventional colors, you can consider variations and shades, preferably two shades only to make the occasion look more classy and do remember to avoid the color black. It’s not a wedding color at all!

Very often, depending on the place and other factors, some people consider numerous shades of one color, including the flower decorations thus making the ambience very charming with the many varying hues.  You can also have shades complementing one another like  ivory and gold or  pale yellow with lavender. These lend an exotic touch instead of single colors.

wedding colous

From the bridesmaids to the best man and of course, the Groom,  the clothes will have to be in perfect harmony with the colors and shades you choose. The waistcoat and the tie of both, the Groom and the best man can be of the theme color of the wedding.  The bride need not dress in the conventional white. Times have changed so you can decide on a pastel fuchsia or a butter-scotch with very fine gold embroidery or an ivory pink or even a stunning cinnamon to hypnotize one and all! The color theme should extend to the invitations, the flower girl’s hair, the wedding cake and yes, even the wedding rings. So, if the wedding rings have rubies choose a color which will complement the rubies or if you have diamond studded wedding bands, then complement them with a shade that makes them stand out. If you are unable to find flowers of the color of your choice, it’s wise to depend on white flowers and make the other decorations of the theme color.  Always choose a color or a shade which will be appealing to your guests as well. Anything too loud or too dull and sober may set a different mood and you can’t afford that, can you? It’s your wedding and it should be the Best!