After dilly dallying over the decision for a long time, you may have decided to draw up the courage to propose to your love. The first thing is that you should realize that it was worth the wait while looking for your dream girl coming into your life.  There are some people who spend almost an entire lifetime looking for the right person.  This is quite unlike most other folks who are lucky enough to meet their mate without making too much of an effort.

Whatever said and done, if you’ve met your match there can’t be anything more providential than that.  Of course, down the line, when you decide to pop the question is when you almost become a nervous wreck. What with your heart pounding and blood coursing through your veins, the sense of euphoria is quite indescribable. Surely, you would have rehearsed it a million times before drawing up the courage to pop the question. You would have sincerely hoped that your proposal will knock your love off her feet.

Most women have a romantic streak in them. They would like to have a romantic story, which they can relate to their bosom friends in private. Who wouldn’t want to be the envy of friends, especially when you have got yourself a prize catch? If you are going to make the moment even more memorable, you need to gift her something very valuable indeed. Why not say it with one of the tungsten rings that are so popular today? Among all wedding rings you can find displayed on the shelves of jewelers, tungsten wedding rings are probably the best to express your love.

The first step should obviously be a quick trip to the jewellery shop to choose one of the best tungsten rings Melbourne has to offer.  It is not surprising that you’ll want to gift the love of your life one of the finest tungsten rings Australia ever produced, and what better than one of the flashy gold tungsten rings that are the rage today. Once you have zeroed in on the wedding rings you should probably go ahead and buy it before you get confused by the dazzling array of tungsten wedding rings on display. In case you are not able to decide by yourself, you can seek the help of your close friends, may be the person whom you wish to be your best man.

Of course, you can decide on foregoing the surprise element.  You should probably take your girl along with you while choosing the one of the best black tungsten rings available in the market. Although black is beautiful, if your lady love thinks otherwise, you can always choose one of the gold tungsten rings, because saying it with gold and tungsten should make the prospect even more exciting. There again, if you really want to pull an incredible surprise on the girl you are going to spend the rest of your life with, you should probably go shopping all by yourself.  However, whether you buy it all by yourself or along with your girl, make sure you save the receipt, and have the ring insured before taking delivery.

Even though most people today think it very old fashioned, you’ll make a lasting impression by seeking her parents’ permission first. Even in today’s fast paced world, some old world cultures persist and most parents will like the idea, and so will the girl of your dreams. Apart from appreciating your simple, yet thoughtful gesture, her parents will start looking at you with renewed interest and respect as well. Just make sure that the meeting is prearranged, and look your best while meeting them. Once you have the green signal from your prospective in-laws, you need to choose the perfect location.

If you are a very romantic person, you’ll be fussy about the location where you plan to make your proposal. Try to think of a spot that has a lot of personal meaning to both, probably one of the places where you’ve spent most of your time together. This could be one of the restaurants that you visit frequently, or your favorite park bench. It may also be the beach, with the waves beating relentlessly, or the busy mall that you two frequently visit.

While some think of most unlikely places like a rooftop or a favorite monument, yet others prefer a quiet park or a bubbling fountain. Make sure of the spot you decide upon, and also make sure you don’t forget to carry the all-important thing – the ring. While you are at it, make sure that the moment is captured forever. You may ask a passer-by to click a snap on your mobile phone, or if you prefer to carry an SLR for the purpose, well and good. If the spot you decide upon is least likely to have anyone passing by, take along a friend to witness the scene and capture the moment for you.

You may belong to crowd of select few people who prefer the occasion to be a simple affair. Some believe in quiet yet meaningful homemade marriage proposals. Some go shopping for material at a stationery shop and cut out letters spelling the tell-tale words “Will you marry me?” in order to spring a surprise. All you need is probably a roll of duct tape, some colored paper, and maybe some real flowers just to make the occasion special. You can spring the surprise either at your or her home, else while she is at work.

There are a few who believe in doing up the house for the occasion. The place is decorated with flashy velvet ribbons of various hues. The ribbons are then fastened with memorable photographs depicting the relationship right from the early days to this moment when the question is going to be popped. Of course, saying it with colored candles, with the lights either turned down, or turned off is another innovative idea. Some others suggest that you could enact a romantic scene from a movie both of you have enjoyed watching. Techies believe in taking the proposal online and splashing it on the social media for all friends to witness and share. Whatever you do, don’t ever forget the ring, as there can be no proposal without the all-important wedding ring.

It really does not matter if you pull out a gold tungsten ring or one of the jazzy black tungsten rings while going down on your knees. The important thing is that you need to keep it concealed well on your person, and whip it out at the right moment. The surprise element is very important, if you plan to floor your girl. Make sure you don’t fumble while trying to pull out the ring, and for this you probably need to rehearse in private, while at home. What can probably go wrong is that you may pull out the ring in a flurry and drop it. Or you may take ages extricating the ring from your pocket, making a fool of yourself in public. You need to take care to make sure that everything goes as per plan, with no fumbling or bumbling.


Of course, you need to have a proposal speech rehearsed and ready. It pays to practice in front of the mirror, just to make sure everything goes fine. If you are a man of words, you may want to spend some time and write a short love poem. This will certainly impress your girl, taking your value up a few notches. If you have a sense of rhythm, maybe you should think of writing a love song. If you do manage to write one, make sure the lyrics sound sincere and appear to be coming right from your heart. Making use of props during such an occasion is not a bad idea. Although it may be considered a bit old fashioned today, you can still ask for her hand, as has been the practice since ages.

It is such meaningful gestures that make a lasting impression, both on the girl you love, and on your prospective in-laws. While at it, you may want to check if your in-laws have any special traditions or other routines that they’ve been following for generations. If so, you need to respect their traditions and make sure nothing is missed out. This will make her family extremely happy, and your status too receives a very big boost. Just make sure everything goes by the book and works like clockwork.

Remember, that half the planning lies in choosing the correct wedding ring. Although most families are used to the traditional gold or diamond encrusted wedding rings, you may want to experiment with several new arrivals. Before going for the final selection, you may want to know about any particular tastes or preferences. Buying an engagement or wedding ring is a major purchase, and a lot of thought needs to go into it. One reason is that wedding rings are quite expensive, and more importantly, they hold a sentimental value that is quite unmatched.

While at it, make sure you get the right size of the tungsten ring or even gold tungsten ring you propose to order for the occasion. It is also important to make sure that you are getting something that matches the tastes of your love; you may want to take a look at any of the several exotic tungsten gold rings, and see which appeals to her most. When it comes to wedding rings, tungsten rings au seems to be the ultimate choice of many young couples proposing to tie the knot.

Tungsten rings are the most practical choice, not just from the price angle, but for durability as well. The classy look that tungsten rings nz sport, and their unique feature of being resistant to scratches, make them an automatic choice of many. Whether you are on a shoe-string budget, or you don’t mind splurging on your lady love, you have a wide range to choose from.  Most tungsten rings are budget friendly, with a few exotic pieces being quite pricey as well. You may want to explore the possibilities of asking for a personal setting, in order to make your wedding ring unique. This will make the all-important ring stand apart, and create a lasting impression for life.

Most people prefer tungsten wedding rings because they are designed and crafted to last for a lifetime. Tungsten is next only to diamond, when it comes to hardness, and its unique quality of being scratch-proof is what makes it so endearing for many. Even after a couple of decades after you get married, tungsten wedding rings will be as lustrous and shiny as new. Of course, you need to make the correct decision of choosing the right jeweller for selecting the best tungsten ring to present to your would-be.

Most of the reputed jewellers have an impressive collection of tungsten wedding rings, and quite a few offers a warranty for every single purchase made at their store. While some offer a size replacement guarantee, others may not. Hence, it is important to get the size right the first time itself. In case you don’t know much about tungsten rings, or wedding rings in general, it pays to do a bit of research. The Internet is the best medium for searching for any type of information today. Your search for the perfect tungsten wedding rings will throw up some amazing results. The fabulous array of rings, with the myriad designs and patterns are quite mind boggling. For all you know, you may be able to sit in the comfort of your home and shop for your gold tungsten ring, though you may have to visit the showroom to ensure you got the size right. Whatever you do, don’t choose your wedding ring in haste, as it is a one-time, all important decision that you are making. It pays to spend some time to choose the best ring for someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with.