It may amaze some people to learn that even prehistoric cavemen made tiny cords out of braided grass and slipped them onto his mate’s fingers, symbolizing union. Later, around 2800 BC the Egyptians belonging to the royal class used to be buried with rings intact on them. Usually, they were buried with a silver or gold-braided ring on the ring finger of their left hands. This was because there was a belief that the veins from the left ring finger (third finger) were directly connected to the heart, ensuring that it beats during the final journey.

Interestingly, the sultans and sheiks of Asia used puzzle rings to tag the innumerable inmates in the harem, to be able to identify them easily. Closer home, during the 13th century, the bishop of Salisbury did away with the practice of wearing rings made of plaited rushes as a lot of gullible girls were being seduced unscrupulous young men. It was some time towards the end of the 15th century that the practice of wearing wedding rings was popularised and became a tradition.
wedding rings- gun metal rings
Today there are an amazing range of wedding rings and one will certainly get confused while making the decision of a lifetime. Figuring high on the list of popularity are tungsten rings, which are fast replacing plain gold and diamond rings. However, tungsten being the second hardest material on earth is a perfect base for encrusting diamonds to make a perfect wedding ring that lasts a lifetime, just as any marriage should. Tungsten is rings also have gold strands running through, creating brilliant designs that are left to the imagination and skill of the artisans working steadfastly to create masterpieces.

Another popular range of trendy rings that are most sought after today are the ones made from the shiny and durable gunmetal. It is not just the finish, but the finish and durability, and the affordable price that make gunmetal rings so popular. There are myriad designs and patterns to choose from including hand carved rings with exquisite carvings, rings embedded with crystals or diamonds adding to the sheen and finesse. Then again, there are rings made from a fusion of gunmetal and silver that come in intricate patterns, with an outstanding finish that is adored by women. Men too seem to be changing their preferences and now prefer tungsten and gunmetal rings to the traditional gold or even platinum, though there is almost no piece of jewellery that does not figure gold, diamonds and silver.