It took Stephanie Kwolek’ s research to invent Kevlar, a compound five times stronger than steel and it took Mad Tungsten’s imagination to create beautiful Kevlar tungsten rings out of it. It is meant for those who know that a ring is not just a ring, it is a symbol of a feeling, it is a symbol of a desire to feel good and it symbol of promise.

While we say promise, let’s tell you Kevlar is a material without which bulletproof vests would have never come in existence. So why not add the ‘extraordinary’ touch to your ring or to your beloved’s ring by making it a Kevlar tungsten ring? A ring that has a bullet-proof promise! Let the ring speak for itself.
What is gold or silver in front of Kevlar and tungsten? Buy a ring that defines you or if you are gifting, your bonding and definitely you would want your bonding to be strong and not filled with bling! The former lasts, the latter fades away. Kevlar Tungsten Rings are available in number of designs and sizes at Mad Tungsten and these designs are exceptionally beautiful, that catch your attention in just a flicker of a second, see for yourself. The vox populi says that Kevlar Tungsten rings completely satisfy what they were looking for in a ring. If the ring is for you, it would constantly remind you of strength and courage because of the materials that you would feel on your fingers and if it is for someone else, it would remind that person of your gesture that speaks for itself. Every glance at the Kevlar Tungsten Ring, will be a glance into your emotion behind gifting! What’s better than that?

kevlar tungsten rings


These rings start from the range of 199$ and yet are priceless! At Mad Tungsten, we do not sell, we spread. We spread, the love that we have while creating every intricate design in every ring. Buy something unique, have something that the world doesn’t possess and spread it. You know what would you get in response for buying a Kevlar Tungsten Ring? A ‘WOW!’, a word that leaves people speechless. It is about the craftsmanship, it is about the skill, it is about the passion and it is about the duty to deliver excellence that makes a Kevlar Tungsten way more worth than the price you pay for it.