Do you own a precious tungsten carbide ring? Or are you planning to buy a tungsten carbide ring? Well, you might wonder how rings are made out of this hard metal, “Tungsten carbide”. It’s time to know and let me tell you how.

Tungsten is combined with carbon to form Tungsten carbide a hard metal on the planet. This metal lies in the second position next to diamond, the hardest metal in the world. According to the Mohs’s scale Tungsten carbide is rated as “Mohs 8” where diamond is rated as “mohs 10” and 18k gold as “mohs 2”.


The process in “devil’s workshop” :

The following processes are carried out in order to produce a high quality tungsten carbide ring.

Tungsten carbide rings- Making

Initially Tungsten and carbon are finely powdered and pressed with a dies or mold. This finely powdered mixture, fired to form a blank of tungsten carbide. Once the blank of tungsten carbide is formed it is ready for the cutting process.

The process of cutting and polishing is done with the same equipment used for diamond or at times with diamond itself. To get the perfect ring shape various other process are carried out in our workshop.

The tungsten carbide rings from mad tungsten are of different varieties that includes black tungsten rings, white tungsten rings, gun metal rings, gold rings, carbon fibre rings and Kevlar rings. The common bases for these rings are “tungsten carbide” that is embedded with other metals like gold, Kevlar or carbon fibre.

Mad tungsten produces highly fashionable rings for men that can also be customized by customers. With verities of designs, perfect hardness and long lasting life Mad tungsten can make the perfect “wedding rings” for men. Whether it is a stone embedded or an engraving on the ring, here we are to give you the best!