For a change, it is the turn of macho men to sport rings proudly.  Jewellery, long considered the birth-right of women has now become an important accessory for men too. Why have rings, especially black tungsten rings become so popular all of a sudden? One good reason is the durability factor, given the rough and tumble of life in general for men, as compared to women. Tungsten rings are known to remain as good as new as they have a unique quality of maintaining the sheen for life.

tungsten ring cannot be easily damaged, whereas a gold ring, because of its malleability often loses its original shape very easily.  It does not really matter if the wearer is a mechanic or a computer programmer; a tungsten ring is safe in his hands, although it is subject to the rough and tough of his every day activities. Not very surprising, given the fact that tungsten is the second hardest substance on earth, ranking only next to diamond, which is the hardest known substance.

Men have probably taken a liking to wearing tungsten rings because they don’t impede them while working. The least worry on their mind is causing damage to the ring that adorns their finger. Of late, black tungsten rings seem to have taken the fancy of men in a big way. Black is beautiful, and black tungsten rings exude a style quotient and level of sophistication that are quite unmatched. Each piece is sculpted with care to bring out the aesthetic appeal in a tungsten ring. The preference for black tungsten rings has reached a level where myths related to tungsten are once again brought to life in a big way.

The sheer range of tungsten rings that includes ordinary conventional rings and exclusive masterpieces that have been crafted and customized to suit personal whims and fancies is quite mind-boggling. The best part with tungsten rings is that they can suit any occasion, without losing any of the c harm and sophistication that go with wearing a well-crafted ring. In addition to making a perfect birthday gift, a tungsten band is the most preferred as symbol of love that seals a permanent relationship.

Take, for instance, the sheer black tungsten ring with a streak of blue carbon fibre running right through. It’s called Over-boost, probably because it gives a big boost to your confidence when you wear it. This far-out looking style statement of a ring is perfect for the man who expects his marriage to be as strong as he is. This solid black wedding band suits the temperament of any man on earth, even the most macho person who is yet to meet his perfect match. Save it for the occasion that can pop up at any moment, which you will probably want to cherish throughout your life.

On the other hand, the jet black Hummer tungsten ring specially crafted for men on the move is something else. The dense black plating sets off the brilliant yellow streak of carbon fibre running through the middle. Designed to weather all storms, this exclusive men’s tungsten ring is a lot stronger than you expected. Rugged and stylish, this ring is perfect for everyday wear, or for any special occasion that needs to be celebrated in grand style. It is good enough to wear and walk the aisle, of course after you’ve uttered the precious words ‘I do’ to the lady in your life. You’ll certainly stand apart in the crowd, thanks to the brilliant craftsmanship that went into the making of this special ring. And for all the other bachelors who are yet to meet the love of their life, this ring is something to cherish until D day.

For those who prefer a simple yet elegant ring with a neat finish, Oxford tungsten offers the perfect answer. Exquisitely finished, with a gleaming finish, this ring is polished to perfection giving it an elegant and beautiful finish. This one has a thin neutral coloured line running right through the middle, setting off the dark background brilliantly. Scratch resistant and built to last a lifetime, this fabulous ring is a natural choice for men who prefer class that is a bit subdued. It goes well with formal as well as casual attire, and blends well with the surroundings, whether a boardroom or golf course. It also makes a sophisticated wedding band that speaks volumes about the wearer. No wonder then that this is a hot favourite that men tend to zero in on with uncanny certainty and purpose. Make this the ring of your choice and you can rest assured this rock solid ring ensures a marriage that lasts forever.

Some men prefer unmatched quality coupled with an elegant finish that makes something very unique. Pork Chop is the perfect choice for such people, and if you belong to this category you’ll certainly love the smooth convex finish. Smooth, yet brazenly appealing, this one is certainly not for the faint hearted or reserved types. As bold as it can get, this ring is for go-getters who settle for nothing but the best. This utter black ring with a charming sheen adds character to the wearer. You can rest assured that you’ll get noticed, however motley the crowd you are hanging around with.  A rare combination of conventional finish with classy styling that makes it one in a million. It’s as strong and durable as it is desirable, and won’t ever need polishing during its lifetime. What’s more is it is scratch resistant, and the roughest of handling will leave it intact. This is one pork chop that is worth more than its weight, and is sure to leave many heads turning.

Slip into the lady’s chamber surreptitiously, wearing the Burglar collection of tungsten rings that comes with a unique pattern that sets it apart. The subtle half swastika lines in turquoise green show the cutting-edge technology that went into its making. This customized tungsten ring, with its slick and stealthy finish, is sure to attract the lady of your dreams. The superior design and exquisite craftsmanship are evident in the sleek and stylish finish, and what makes it doubly desirable is its inherent strength, which can keep it going forever and ever. It is the perfect choice for the discerning man who knows what he wants, and will go to any extent to acquire it. This black plated tungsten ring with a brushed and slick finish is the ultimate in macho rings for today’s hip crowd. Hypnotize the lady of your dreams by flashing this classy ring unobtrusively, and the psychedelic effect of the ring will certainly not be wasted.

Racy young men would be eager to sport the Meltdown range of tungsten rings that come with a brilliant streak of red running bang in the middle. This sizzling piece of exquisite jewellery crafted by skilled craftsmen working behind the scenes is the ultimate in men’s jewellery. These rings are perfect for casual wear and make excellent wedding bands. What’s more is they are made strong, and are extremely durable and can last a lifetime with no sign of wear and tear. This ring can be worn irrespective of the place or occasion, and simply blends into the scene, yet stands out distinctly in the wearer’s finger. This is a modern wedding band with an unmistakable fashion statement that can’t be ignored by the lady you happen to be courting. This appealing piece of jewellery is sure to knock the lady of your dreams flat, leaving her helpless in your control. A perfect bond for a perfect couple, the Meltdown is a winner all the way.

If you are the type of person looking for a sleek ring that you can slip your finger into effortlessly, you probably need to take a look at the Slick range of tungsten rings. A black shiny surface, with a contrasting white inner wall, this ring is perfect for making the desired impact on the lady of your life. Kindle her curiosity by flashing this gorgeous ring that sits ever so smoothly on your finger, thanks to the slick ceramic interior that keeps you cool even under the most extraneous circumstances. This is a slick and sexy piece that has an appeal of its own.  Although women may not swoon at the sight of this brilliant piece of jewellery, you can sure draw their unfailing attention towards you. This smart and smooth-fitting ring goes well with casual and formal wear. Picture yourself wearing this ring as your wedding band and walking down the aisle with the love of your life.

People who like mysteries and mysticism will love this Mystic Black range that includes this sleek and stylish tungsten ring that looks sexy to the core. The shiny, black smooth finish on the exterior contrasts the greyish side walls and interior. This simple yet stylish design is awesome and will charm not just the beholder, but the wearer as well. That is probably why it’s called Mystic, because it exudes a sense of something beyond. The cutting-edge finish and look enhance the status of the wearer and is sure to attract more than enough attention on any given day. Made from high quality tungsten, this ring is crafted to perfection.  It is gorgeous and durable, and promises to last a lifetime without a single blemish marring its beauty. Perfect for any man as a wedding band, the ring exudes charm and elegance that arematched perfectly.

Take a detour from the ordinary lane and jump onto the fast lane with the Detour collection of tungsten rings. Cruise through the freeway of love wearing this charming ring that can easily fill in as the perfect wedding band for the perfect couple that you would make with the love of your life.  The smart and elegant design is bound the catch the attention of even the most discerning, thanks to the unique design that sets it apart. The twin cuts that run right through the ring, with evenly spaced cuts joining the triple band together is a masterpiece of a design that took longer than usual even for the best of craftsmen who created it. This stunning men’s ring is the perfect accessory that goes with the well cut formal attire or the utterly casual wear, whatever you choose to wear during any occasion. This super tough ring is made to last a lifetime, and is the best wedding present you could give yourself.

The perfect bait for the elusive lady you’ve been after for a long time comes in the form of the Cougar Bait tungsten ring that brings out the animal instinct in you. This brilliant combo of ceramic and tungsten comes with a series of raised grooves cut perfectly to make a fantastic pattern that is quite mesmerizing. The contrasting black and grey patterns give the two tone effect that is hard to resist. This ring is perfect as a wedding band for the macho man looking for a ring that is elegant and strong enough to weather the rough and tumble of a fast life. This scratch proof tungsten ring promises to remain as good as new for life, promising a long and rewarding association with the lady of your dreams.

Finally, here’s the smooth and slender ring that comes with a brilliant splash of colour to make it doubly attractive. The Tequila Sunrise range of tungsten rings exudes enough charm and mystery as the name suggests. The thin red band running through on one side sets off the grey background perfectly. To contrast this is the brilliant golden hue that the interior glows with; making this the most desirable ring any man would ever want to wear. The golden hue is not just the colour, but a plating of 18k gold that enhances the beauty and value of this perfect men’s ring. Add spice to your life wearing this stunning piece of jewellery that is bound to let you stand apart in any crowd.