Mad Tungsten presents a mosaic of different and unique Wedding Rings’ patterns and style, an ideal store to buy and choose from a panorama of designs. The flawless amalgamation of Tungsten and Carbon fibre befits Men’s stalwartness thus harmonizing both the ring and its wearer. Being resilient and gleaming enough to lure, Tungsten Wedding Rings are levitated as the most happening metals in terms of ornaments. In addition, they also bring sublimity and composure in the wearer’s mind as they are budget friendly, highly sophisticated and ostentatious.

If you desire a romantic wedding, a ring with beveled edges and polished inlay with rose gold plated medieval design is just the choice to make. Versatile black ceramic Tungsten is also sure to make your day an unforgettable one. Rings with polished edges and evenly spaced horizontal grooves with a brushed middle and white carbon fibre strip is an ideal pick for the Happy-go-lucky bridegroomsOther patterns include polished and brushed matte finish with a sparkle of silver. If at all you are a cocktail lover and wish to see the same with your ring, then a silver polished wedding band with strips of gold is the right alternative. A complete plain with gold polish is the most stylish classic to start off your divine ceremony. Black Ceramic centre with brushed surface and smooth polished grooves is a contemporary pattern that meets your style. For those who look for something different, a three piece ceramic top shined up should be a perfect wedding requirement.

Those who are conservative and dislike glitzy and sporty patterns, you are also in the right place as Mad Tungsten offers you classic Wedding Rings’ patterns. One with a round brushed suave finish, a polished mirror like sheen, yet another with gold polished one. You may also opt to possess such plains studded with a diamond. The Vapour trails are smart and comfortable enough to boost your confidence on the day of your wedding. One fabulous and trendy pattern is to infuse black and red carbon Kevlar that will surely enthrall the beholders.

Patterns-men's tungsten wedding bands

There are other available Wedding Rings’ patterns that may just captivate your attention. What you need to know is that you can very well be an ornament designer for your own Wedding or perhaps someone who is near and dear to you. Choose the ring base, placement, layout, inlay and even the finish. Well, that’s a privilege to be enjoyed.

Wedding Ring Sample box

Tungsten Wedding Rings’ patterns are not just designs but each of them being unique is an event per se and has a story to tell with your beloved to everyone around.