Modern Look and Traditional Values of Tungsten Rings

‘Tungsten’ is another word for a heavy stone. The origins of Tungsten date back to 1779 when Peter Woulfe discovered this element which was also known as ‘wolfram’.  Tungsten, as a metal, is reputed for having the highest melting point i.e. 3,000 degrees Celsius. Tungsten has always been known for its innate properties since the time of its discovery. It is used in the filament inside a light bulb. Tungsten offers the filament toughness in par excellence. Tungsten is one of the key elements to have played a key role towards the development of mankind. The Germans developed tungsten carbides in 1922 and used it to enhance tool bits involved in the cutting of steel and precision milling.

The in-built qualities of tungsten made it the hardest amongst all the metals on planet earth. The highest melting point of Tungsten is 6,700 degrees. Though tungsten carbide is essentially utilized in the mechanical industry across the world and over  years it has become a popular choice in jewellery because of its long-lasting qualities.


Tungsten carbide wedding rings for men are a class apart. A natural choice amongst men, these offer the highest resilience and are scratch resistant. All tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide. Tungsten in its purest form is a difficult metal to turn out into jewellery. Men prefer tungsten carbide wedding bands as they have a vast range to choose from both, in terms of design and price. The most superior tungsten carbide wedding bands include tungsten carbide combined with nickel as a binder. Some individuals are known to be allergic to nickel but the percentage of nickel in tungsten rings is considerably small. Moreover, the nickel is mixed with other atoms which help prevent the causing of any kind of irritation. On the flip side, if tungsten rings use cobalt as a binder, the cobalt tends to cause allergies. Cobalt also causes tungsten rings to develop stains. It’s always better to choose tungsten rings which have used nickel as a binder.

Many people consider Tungsten and Titanium as the ideal metals for wedding bands and rings. However, the difference between the two metals is highly obvious. The fascinating features of Tungsten are what makes it an ideal choice for jewellery and makes it far superior than Titanium. Tungsten rings are known for their brilliant finish and the natural luminosity the metal offers something, which Titanium fails to deliver. Tungsten, which is four times harder than Titanium never, ever bends and this makes it an essential component for jewellery. Titanium is prone to bending and scratching. Tungsten rings are free of cobalt. If cobalt is mixed with tungsten the resultant metal, when used in making jewellery tends to cause some irritation, is prone to scratches and tend to get damaged under harsh condition. Unlike Titanium, all Tungsten rings are made to undergo a very strict quality-control process ensuring that the end result is perfect in every aspect.

Tungsten rings can be customised and designed to every individual’s choice. Rest assured, if you decide on a tungsten ring, you can get the one you may have always dreamt of. Tungsten rings come with a warranty, something which other rings don’t and this makes them all the more popular amongst the modern, urban crowd. Today, the younger generation are very expressive of their emotions for the entire world to see. They love to wear their hearts on their sleeves and showcase their love for one another through ‘made-for-each-other’ personalised rings. This is possible only with tungsten rings.  You can have your loved ones initials engraved on your ring in the typeface of your choice. You can pick and choose from a host of designs – from the kind of base to the number of grooves around the ring to the encrusting of semi-precious stones – it’s yours for the asking!

The bride to be can have her husband’s name engraved on the ring she is going to wear and the groom to be can have her name engraved on the ring he is going to wear. They can also have symbols like cupid’s arrow piercing through two hearts – symbolizing their love or even a tiny message like ‘Forever in love’.

The variety of tungsten rings for men is immense. You can choose a hummer ring which comes with a very fine gold stripe that runs along the centre of the band. You can choose from the ‘Bandit’ range which includes a ceramic insert of different colours on the band. The Detour range of rings stands tall because of its impeccable brush finish. The hip Phat Tony range has a large fan following.  You can also opt for the ‘crazy eye’ range of tungsten rings. These include a yellow carbon fibre running through the centre of the band. The ‘mad gladiator’ includes ceramic grooves and a great brushed matt finish. The ‘oxford’ range is very, very stylish and is a popular choice amongst many. Most men opt for bands which are comfortable to wear.

Couples opting for tungsten carbide wedding bands must remember that these rings are known for their moderate heat. They are also known to be channels for conducting electricity so, if one happens to be working in surroundings, where safety becomes a concern, they can remove their wedding bands while at work.

Women prefer the more narrow tungsten wedding bands with a width ranging between (4 & 6 mm width) than those of men. For women, too, there is a wide ranging variety which can be customized to effect. Be it diamonds or precious stones, the lady in question can ask for having them encrusted on the band in a fashion she prefers.
A known fact is that tungsten is ten times tougher than 18 k gold and five times tougher than tool steel. When compared to diamonds – which are rated as being the toughest on the ‘Mohs’ scale, tungsten stands between 8-9 on the scale. This only corroborates the fact that tungsten is truly a tough nut to crack.  Because of it’s this quality, tungsten rings never go out of shape. They also carry a permanent shine – unknown to any other metal. Every single tungsten ring is crafted by hand using a mix of diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond tooling. Could a ring get better than this?

Wearing tungsten wedding bands has become a fashionable trend today and for a reason. From the making of the ring, to the design and the final touches, these rings are the cynosure of all eyes. They look hip, flawless, and makes a style statement beyond imagination and are perpetually durable.

With everyone living in the fast lane today, no one has time to go through designer jewellery books to find something appealing. Today, people want something good, attractive, long-lasting and suited to their pockets. The only metal matching all these requirements is Tungsten. The best part about choosing Tungsten ring is its affordability. Unlike the steep prices of gold and silver, Tungsten ring has something for everyone and the way you want it.

Titanium rings are so tough, that you will never be able to cut them in the event of e.g. having put on weight and being unable to remove the ring. You will need special tools to have the ring removed from your finger.

One of the most outstanding varieties in tungsten rings is the range of ‘black tungsten rings’. These are created with a plate over the natural grey tungsten carbide ingredients. These rings have an allure like none other but they do tend to develop a few scratches which makes buyers choose the range of Titanium Kay, 2nd generation rings which are also black but absolutely free from scratches.
Rings made of Tungsten have established a niche for themselves around the world. The makers of these rings never compromise on quality, which is something not found in other metals.

Tungsten wedding bands come in numerous shapes and offer different options in particular to the base of the rings.  You can choose rings of a different base. Some rings have a square base. Some rings have a round one. Some rings have a top square bevelled edge, while others appear what we call with a ‘camel hump’.  One range of Tungsten wedding bands includes very appealing stripes which run across the band. The location of these stripes can be customized either to the centre, left or right of the ring. In case you want your ring to look really different and unique, you can opt for grooves which can be positioned and customized as per your requirement.

The young at heart prefer tungsten wedding bands with grooves with fillings of black, green, red and white carbon fibre adding making the rings sheer ‘pieces of art’.  Buyers are also spoilt for choice with these wedding bands which come plated in colors of gold, black, white, blue and even pink.  The right combination of Tungsten and Carbon Alloy is what makes the quality of the tungsten carbide rings highly superior both in quality and durability. The shift towards wearing Tungsten rings than gold or silver is because they never crack nor do they bend and the sparkle never fades. They really don’t require to be polished ever. The smoothness, the shine and the trendiness of the rings have made them an indispensable piece of jewellery. Authentic tungsten wedding bands can be made to order online with the assurance that they will be customized as requirements and delivered within a maximum of two days unless the buyer wants them in gold which would entail a few days more. All tungsten rings come with a guarantee a period of twelve months from the date of purchase in case of any manufacturing defects however, no replacements are made if the rings get damaged due to any accident on the part of the buyer.  Thanks to technology, there are numerous online tools which help a buyer to choose his / her size assuring them the right fit of any ring they choose.

Wedding bands have always symbolized a commitment of two people towards one another. The trend has been followed from time immemorial. In the past, metals like gold, silver, diamonds and platinum were considered for rings. These expensive metals were a mark of luxury. Today, this has given way to a practical choice of fashion complemented with personalization and durability. Some rings are customized to the extreme of depicting the character of the one, who is going to wear the ring.  Gold and other expensive metals have become a fashion statement of the past. They have become too expensive for the common man and can be afforded only by the crème de la crème of society.  The modern crowd prefers tungsten because its light on the pocket, it lasts forever and it does have a unique style of its own.

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The beauty of tungsten rings lies in the fact that their never lose their brilliance. They never require additional polishing like other metals do. This is one of the primary reasons ordinary folks and socialites have made tungsten rings, their preferred choice of jewellery for all occasions.   The enduring qualities of tungsten rings have become symbolic of infinite love between couples, who consider them more significant to their relationship.

The delivery time for a customized tungsten ring could be anywhere between eight to ten weeks.  The most interesting feature about purchasing Tungsten rings is that they come with a guarantee of one year with reference to manufacturing defects. The shipments are absolutely free and tungsten rings are always delivered handsomely in gift-wrapped boxes. Such is the popularity of tungsten rings that many artistes, singers, rap artistes and hip hop celebrities have taken to wear tungsten rings on the most sophisticate occasions, flaunting them to the envy of all.

Tungsten carbide rings retain their polish year after year, which eliminates the worry of having to get them polished for special occasions in your life. You will always find your tungsten ring free from scratches, which again eliminates another worry of maintenance.  Today, Tungsten has become the epitome of fashion jewellery for everyone.