There are approx 125,000 marriages registered every year in Australia and these marriages set a wonderful trend for weddings. From the point when you wear the ring, to the point when you walk down the aisle, there is a certain way in which weddings are been done today. Have a look at the trends of today.

  • When you slip the ring into your lover’s finger, he/she wouldn’t be expecting a diamond or a gold. What they are most likely to expect is something in accordance with the time of today, that would be a platinum or a tungsten wedding ring. That would definitely make a statement! They make beautiful and out of the box expressions of love.
  • The weddings are more personal, more private. Couples prefer to be wed at a huge mansion, or a private horse farm. or on a yacht etc. It is more about where you get married, than the amount of people who get invited.
  • When it comes to styling or setting a theme for your wedding, couples prefer rustic or vintage style, like the retro styling of the 60s and 70s. That means lesser decorations, lesser flowers are more of creativity that spells as- CLASSIC!
  • Most of the weddings are not performed at the chapel, couples chose celebrants over chapels these days. Civil marriages have outnumbered religious marriages.
  • Most couples prefer to add a personalized touch to their marriages, a small speech or a gift or a handwritten love letter is exchanged before the wedding is actually performed to add to the uniqueness of the wedding.
  • When it comes to choosing the perfect suit or dress, beach and rustic styles are preferred. The traditional gowns are making way for more preppy wedding dresses. The standard suits are making way for beach styled suits.
  • Accessorizing has also taken it’s own new way. Wearing necklaces to the back, considering flats over heels, darker lipstick shades, shorter hemlines, the crop hair cut, necktie’s or neck-bows in place of necklaces are all the part of the new trend for the modern bride.
  • Liberty floral prints for designing and custom-made stationery for invitation cards, notes etc has made way for warmer and more intimate weddings. Do it your way, have your wedding card in crazy shapes other than the square or rectangle, finish it with watercolors or get it embossed! It’s all in trend.

modern wedding trends from Mad Tungsten rings

Now you can browse hundreds of wedding ideas online or simply do it yourself. What you desire and what appeals to you will always add the personal touch to your wedding, make it unique. And what is unique, sets the trend. Ring the bells!