The most important and memorable day in every person’s life is his/her wedding day. The dreams of a new beginning, a new life with your loved one. It is the most looked forward to day yet many get last-minute jitters make any groom forget some very minute but important details. It has been observed that they tend to get a little emotional, a feeling that sets in a couple of days before the wedding. This results in the groom entering into an erroneous zone forgetting the essentials which are a pre-requisite to his big day. It is crucial to have your suit/tuxedo, vest/jacket with matching shoes in place along with matching socks, kerchief, tie , tie-pin, inner-wear and of course, suspenders.


Every wedding occasion experiences various kinds of delay which may require another round of applying gel to the hair and a quick facial touch up. The groom must remember to carry a compact bag of toiletries, hair gel, comb, deodorant and cologne. After all, you need to exude fragrance to your lovely bride, isn’t it? In case you tend to suffer from bad breath (for various reasons, like gum problem etc.) always, always carry a mouth freshener. This could be a spray or some mints and it comes handy especially when the groom has to kiss the bride. Courtesies, greetings, speeches and making toasts are an important feature of any wedding. If the groom and bride want to be different or original and create their own personal vows, the groom must carry a copy of the same in his pocket. Similarly, making that special toast to his bride has to be flawless and the groom must carry a copy of that as well.

As is well known, it is the groom’s best man who hands over the wedding ring to the groom to put it on his bride’s finger. The groom should either give it to his best man, one day in advance or hand it over to him the moment he enters the venue of the wedding. The groom must remember to give special instructions to photographers to click the radiant bride as she walks down the aisle alongside her Dad or family member, as she stands next to him with the delicate veil shadowing her blushing face and one photograph of only the two of them in the church. . If the groom and bride have plans to drive straight to the airport to be whisked away on their honeymoon or plan to drive to a pre-decided destination, the groom must remember to have ample clothes and have his luggage well packed as well as carry his driver’s license in his wallet, not forgetting his debit/credit cards as well. One of the most important things to remember is the wedding gift for the bride. Amidst the frenzy and a million other arrangements and activities, every groom tends to forget this very special gift. Another very important thing is carrying the official copy of the marriage license which can be signed by the witness/es. This is by far; the most crucial or the occasion will never be complete.