From the start of human civilization till now, anything that pops up to break the existing conventional ideas and practices, is ridiculed upon by all, sundry and cast aside. The guy who first said that the earth is round, was considered mad! Even after all the advances the years have seen, the situation is no less different. The same goes true for the latest arrival in men’s jewellery, Tungsten Carbide Rings. There are a lot of prevailing myths regarding this bling and it is high time, the records are set straight.

Myth No.1: They are easily breakable

Mad tungsten rings

     A widely believed notion is that Tungsten Carbide Rings can be easily broken, with the least applied force. Nothing could be further than the truth, considering the proven fact that tungsten carbide metal scores 9 out of 10 in Mohr’s Hardness Scale. It is one of the safest metals to have around your finger as it does not break easily and hence would not harm your finger or get embedded in the flesh.

Myth No.2: They cannot be removed in case of emergency.

Just because a metal is extremely hard, doesn’t mean that it is unbreakable. Humans have found the means to cut diamond (the hardest substance on earth), hence tungsten carbide rings are child’s play to today’s equipments. Hospitals are provided with suitable instruments to cut though the ring in case of an emergency.


Myth No.3: They cause discolouration to the skin.

This is strictly in care of low quality tungsten rings, as they have known to turn the finger blue or green. However, in a high quality product such a thing happening is impossible and has no record of occurrence.

  Myth No.4: They come in only one colour.

This is the opinion of those who are unaware of the tungsten ring market, and is most certainly a false one. Black and white tungsten varieties are easily available in the market if one wants something other than the striking gun-metal grey of the original tungsten carbide ring. Black tungsten is versatile in its own and white tungsten looks exactly like your traditional silver or platinum rings. And of course, there is always the option of gold-plated rings.
Myth No.5: They are only for men.
This is a highly false statement as the market is filled with a variety of attractive designs for the modern women to choose from.