Playing the part of a bride’s maid is considered as an honour. Only a suitable and deserving person is asked to don the role by her relative or friend. This explains the special bond the bride’s maid shares with the bride and the responsibility she has to shoulder on behalf of the bride. Despite carrying out all the rigorous duties as the bride’s maid, being a maid of honour is a moment to enjoy and cherish. Earlier, the bride’s maids looked much unified that they ended up looking wearing an old prom outfit. Neither their personal dressing sense and style nor their body shape and size were taken into consideration, only the bride was supposed to look stunning. But times have changed now, meaning, the maid of honour’s outfits are altered to suit individual’s style and body shape so that they too look astonishing along with the bride. The whole idea is to compliment the bride’s outfit, wedding theme and intended to appear fabulous in wedding photographs.

In general, women are very colour conscious and have an immense liking to the colour pink. It could be because of any girl’s upbringing, where they are surrounded by all things in pink and the shades of the like. No wonder females emotionally associate themselves with this wonderful colour called pink. Be it fuchsia, pale or hot pink, all pink tints look charming and go well with various wedding themes. Pink themed bride’s maid appearance has a passionate vibe that cannot be matched with any other colour. To add a plush touch, gold and silver streaks can be incorporated to the otherwise simple yet elegant plain pink. The same way, simple accessories like fabric roses in baby pink, belts or bows in various pink shades can be included to make the whole outfit more interesting. For those who like glitters or sparklers the most can go for matching cocktail rings, brooches or hair clips made from semi-precious stones to complete the whole look.

Pink themed bride’s maid look is often picked by the bride. But with the growing fashion consciousness, bride’s maids are allowed to pick the style which would suit them and also which is in recent vogue. This not only enables to match the outfit with the bride’s dress and the theme but also allows the bride’s maid to wear it even after the wedding is over. Simple alterations like a cut and tack here and there can do wonders.