The color Pink is feminine, flirtatious, romantic, stunning , sophisticated and striking. If all these features are part of your personality, a Pink wedding would be ideal to soothe those pre-nuptial nerves.  There are numerous ways to go pink all the way note-worthy amongst which are to have a pink bridal gown, a pink wedding cake, pink flowers for décor and a stunning wedding ring in pink!  It all adds up to being ‘Perfect in Pink’! In case the groom in question finds it ‘too feminine a color’ you can combine it with other colors like  pink, brown or  any other of your choice as Pink looks stunning with almost every other color! You will be surprised at the wonderful results.

In case you are planning an outdoor wedding, you could have pink floral garlands hanging or pinned on the background across the venue. If there are a lot of trees, they can be made to hang uniformly from the branches across the length of the venue to lend a wonderful floral touch to the ambience.  The table cloth on each table can be of a light shade of pink and of course you can set a pink rosebud on each table (if it isn’t too expensive). You can buy pink paper plates or outsource ask the caterers to arrange for plates with pink paper napkins. The glasses set on the tables can have pink friendship bands which can be taken as mementos by the guests.

The groom can wear the lightest shade of pink for a tie as well as a pocket handkerchief to complement his ‘blushing-in-pink’ bride. The bride can wear earrings which have a pink stone embedded in a ring or in artificial diamonds complemented with a matching neck wear and a wrist band. These can be custom made to flatter the pink bridal gown of the bride.  Besides this jewelry, the wedding ring can be custom made with the color pink. The perfect choice would be to opt for a Tungsten ring as gold and silver would definitely be an expensive affair. Tungsten rings symbolize durability since they are made of Tungsten and Carbon alloy, are scratch-free and have a natural permanent shine. You can decide on the design of the base, ask for your loved one’s initials to be engraved either on the surface or on the inside, the design and have a color of your choice embedded in the ring in this case, of course, And Pink!  Pink can be the color of one of the bands on the surface and in case you want some semi-precious stones on the pink band, well, that’s your choice. Tungsten rings are affordable and long-lasting and can be customized in totality. All you have to do is set your heart on the design, the color and you can be rest assured of a wonderful ring adorning your fingers.   So if it’s a pink wedding, remember to select the color pink for your tungsten ring to set the ball rolling!