Ceramic rings have become the new trend now! Ceramic rings are light weight, durable and have a stunning look when polished and brushed.  Ceramic tungsten rings are most preferred now due to its extreme toughness with smoothness to wear.  Ceramic used for making rings are called Hi- Tech Ceramic.  These Ceramic metals can be mixed with tungsten carbide for making extremely tough and stylish tungsten ring.

Black Ceramic tungsten carbide rings have become the trendsetter among men who prefer stylish trendy wedding ring. Let’s take a look on few Mad Tungsten’s extremely strong and durable black ceramic tungsten rings.

Monster Tungsten Rings: Black polished ceramic tungsten rings with 4mm strip of black and orange carbon fibre. It is a versatile ring with complete comfort to wear. Monster rings make you stand out in the crowd!

Mud Guard Tungsten Rings: Mud Guard has a stunning black and white combination with black plated inside and with a white ceramic exterior. This ring is so stylish and durable. The white and black tough look of the ring makes a best match for tough men.

Mystic Black Tungsten Rings: Mystic Black Tungsten Rings really do have a mystic look. This ring is extremely stylish with a tungsten base and black polished exterior. It looks classy as a wedding ring and can be engraved.

Pork Chop Tungsten Rings: Stunning Tungsten Rings available in four colours like Black, white, blue and Pink Tungsten Ring. This ring is extremely strong and durable. This is a best choice for a wedding ring.

Slick Tungsten Rings: Slick Tungsten Rings are just opposite to Mud Guard Tungsten Rings. This Ring has a white ceramic interior and black brushed exterior. Slick tungsten rings are classy, sleek and very smooth, perfect for sleek sophisticated gentle men.

Tequila Sunrise Tungsten Rings: This ring is made with a combination of tungsten, ceramic and 18k gold plated interior. They are extremely stylish, elegant and have a fabulous look. Best ring for your wedding.

Vapor Trail Tungsten Rings: Polished stunning Bluish Vapor Trail Tungsten Rings with mirror like shine for Stylish Men. They are best as wedding rings with their everlasting shine and enchanting look. Ceramic mixed with tungsten and a blue coating provides a classy appearance to vapour.

Smoking Gun Tungsten Rings: Smoking Gun tungsten rings have a black ceramic base with a tungsten carbide centre which is completely polished.  They look amazing as a stylish dress ring for Men. This ring guarantees you to get noticed.

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