Men lose their ringLets be honest we are so slack, we don’t do emails, like we have been told to by a hundred people. Perhaps we will get down to it one day. Our staff member Silva, has printed himself a badge that reads IN HOUSE SLAVE.- we should also get him to do the emails. Okay the topic is repeat business.

We have a lot of repeat business, often from jewellers who purchase at retail and slap another $200 on top- we cant stop it- it’s a free country. But the source of our best repeat business is:

The deep blue sea- we love you. Thats right Deep Blue Sea brings us more mens wedding rings on the till.

Yeah not sure if you have guessed it- but theres less friction underwater and your ring feels completely different  and the force means your ring can slip off and chances are it will. We get calls thanking us for still having that old ring in style. Really? If you lost it isn’t that like god sent to get a new look? Well it somehow feels like that same ring- and keeps the other half happy. Oh well your call. But seriously if you do plan to keep your ring for longer take if off when going underwater for all the reasons mentioned above.

On an ending note- if this has happened to you and you are all red and panicky and got to this page googling, I lost my wedding ring, who do I call, then here is a real life incident from one of our customers that we uncovered during a call:

Babe: How dare you, how could you, that was our bloody wedding ring that I gave you( although you paid for it with your after tax dollars)

Duke : Babe! I thought about it, but honestly it felt like I cant bring myself to take you off me, even if its underwater. Imagine how sick I felt when I realised I lost it ( my hard earned after tax dollars)

Boy did that one liner change the whole scenario.

Babe: Its okay babe we can get another one, perhaps that other fancy mens ring from Mad, that you always wanted, with my after tax dollars 😉

If you are the one who actually removed the ring for whatever reason and managed to lose it you better go diving and find a valid reason like this: I really didnt want to risk losing that wedding ring babe,  I read the first part of the Mad Blog so buried it in the sand cause they say the sea swallows them rings, came back em thieves took them away.

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