If Santa had to choose you a Christmas present this season, he’d indubitably pick one from the stupendous collection of Tungsten Rings, a consummate and transcendent gift for your loved ones. Tungsten Rings are in vogue today and has popularized itself as the latest rage in the jewellery world.


 Tungsten, per se, is extracted from Wolframite ore and is symbolized as W. It is not an unknown fact that Tungsten, because it melts at a 6000 degrees Fahrenheit, is used as a filament in electric bulbs thus emitting light (Just as Baby Jesus brought light into this world!!) Furthermore, it has been elevated to the list of metals used in jewellery making by synthesizing Tungsten and Carbon Fibre to form an alloy, Tungsten Carbide. Mad Tungsten has an added advantage of welding various other metals such as silver, gold, platinum or bronze into the inlay or studding stones of your choice to enhance the luster and opalescence.


Christmas is the feast of giving and accepting our near and dear ones as they are. To mark this, we present each other gifts. Gifts are also given to commemorate the act of ‘The three wise men’who brought Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. What better choice to observe the deed than to present Tungsten Rings this Christmas reminding each other ‘The story of three kings’ and inviting Baby Jesus into our lives?


At Mad Tungsten, we endeavor to help you choose what you imagine. Human mind is creative. We originate exemplary designs in our mind and when it comes to finding one as such for yourself, it becomes a total drudgery.  Just as you bake cakes for the feast, prepare the crib or the Christmas tree, Mad Tungsten gives you the opportunity to create your own Tungsten Ring right from designing to finishing (As its Christmas present). You can choose an appropriate ring base for your finger or opt for varied stripes and grooves. It’s a privilege to get in hand your visualized layout, colour and finish of the ring that you might have designed for you or your special ones. Mad Tungsten brings forth affordable and classy range of rings styled to suit your requirement or the occasion.

tungsten rings christmas tree

You might as well become a Santa this Christmas or Christkind or the old lady Befana to present precious gifts for precious people but ringing the bells for Christmas with Tungsten Rings on your fingers is sure to add to the happiness of Advent season.