There’s always a flurry of activity before a wedding. There are a million things to attend to, and time seems to always be at a premium. Weddings are expensive, and one of the major worries for all concerned – the bride, groom and close relatives, is money, hence budgeting is very important. One can’t afford to run short at the eleventh hour, at the same time, you just can’t skip certain things, without which the wedding could lose its charm.

There are several wedding budget myths, in reality they are actually practical tips, rather than myths. Hence, heeding them should really prove to be helpful. One such popular myth is to do with going seasonal in order to save. For instance, certain flowers are seasonal, and since you are going to need loads of flowers for a wedding, it makes sense fixing the wedding when your favorite flowers (especially peonies) are in season. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fortune if you have to have them imported specially.

Here’s another popular myth that was faithfully followed by none other than Mark Zuckerberg (not to save money, though) The myth goes that backyard weddings are the best way to get married without creating a hole in your wallet. It could be a ‘low key’ affair like Zuckerberg’s, and a low budget one too. The expense could triple if you were to seek a suitable venue, which again is subject to availability. Of course, you may have to take the extra trouble of arranging tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens and several other things. However, the money you would be saving is substantial.

Wedding myths

One other practical myth is that says buffet is less expensive than a sit-down dinner, and a whole lot of food wastage can be avoided too. Moreover, in case there is a rush of guests streaming in at the same time, you won’t be embarrassed for lack of free tables. Anyone who wants to eat, at any time can simply help himself to the goodies spread out on the buffet table.

While on the subject of food, there is another popular myth that says opting for cupcakes helps cut costs. However, cupcakes need to be decorated individually, and could never probably replace a grand wedding cake. This is a myth that you can ignore if it is not too appealing. However, there is one important item in the wedding trousseau that cannot be skipped or have an alternative. That is a gorgeous wedding band. Even if you wish to cut costs, you still have an amazing range of tungsten carbide, diamond, gold and fancy tungsten-gold rings to choose from. A wedding ring is probably the only item that does not have any myth associated with it. –