Should the Bride and Groom have matching wedding rings ? This question must be popping up in your mind again and again if you are deciding to get married. Whether to have matching wedding rings with your bride/groom or have contrasting ones? To get a clear answer, we need to examine both sides of the coin and then choose what appeals more. Matching or not matching wedding  rings? Let’s decide.


They say soul-mates complete each other when they get together, forming a union. As gifting a ring, is a symbol of this union, it should be matching. You can always have other rings of your choice but since this is the wedding ring, there should be a matching similarity between the two. These are rings meant for the couple, carrying the meaning of eternity and love, of being one with each other, of completing each other, of matching with each other’s strength and weaknesses; so when we go by that, the rings out to be matching, of a similar design. Alternatively you can also choose rings which when put together make a shape like a heart, or complete a word etc. That would indicate that you have one part of the relationship and he/she has another. Romantic, just like those movies!


One would think that when you are united by mind and matching each other’s intensity of feeling what is the need to have matching rings? There is no need for an outward expression of the bonding, it can be kept and understood by the couple only. Also, having contrasting rings will also indicate a partnership between the two. For instance if the bride has a ring with the moon on it, the groom can have a sun engraved! It may also be possible that both the bride and the groom may not like the same design of the ring, then why sacrifice? You can always choose what both of you love rather than trying to make the rings match because after all, these wedding rings are to be worn for life! This decision would also symbolize that you both have kept your individuality and entered into a mature relationship.

So these are the two sides of the coin to make a choice from. While reading the reasons for both the answers, one of these answers would have appealed to you the most. Simple choose that one, without thinking a lot. Having matching or not matching wedding rings are really a very tiny part of the great journey you are to embark upon. Bon voyage!