In general, every body spends a fortune without guilt especially while celebrating weddings.  But it might not seem to be a wise idea and that too during financially troubled times like the ones we are facing now. Global economic recession is taking a toll on the lives of people of all strata. Luckily, DIY wedding ideas can help you strike a balance between celebrating weddings and saving money.  Creativity, effort and planning are the main key elements of DIY wedding ideas that you need nurture and implement to make wedding celebrations, a grand success. Do not forget or neglect to involve your near and dear ones in the celebration process. Assign each one a job they are good at. For instance, a friend of yours might be good at managing people and conducting events while a relative might be good at decorating a venue. Make use of them according to their skills and level of experience to get the best results, of course without spending a penny.

There are many things that can be done on your own, starting with printing invitations with a personalized message and decoration, baking your wedding cake, crafting simple return gifts to arranging flowers and numbering tables. This way you not only save money but also get the satisfaction of doing things your unique, novel way. Instead of buying a new wedding dress that is not going to be of much use after sometime, you can always borrow one from your close relative or friend or even get it for rent. A simple alteration of the old wedding dress here and there is sufficient to make it suit the choice of today’s brides. The same way, you can opt for a beach side wedding instead of celebrating it inside a hired venue. DIY wedding ideas are sure to pour in if asked for it or searched online.

DIY Wedding ideas

Adopting DIY wedding ideas does not mean that the celebrations have to be dull; they can always be made lively.  The venue decorations can include wild flowers or seasonal flowers that are available in abundance apart from the sheers and satin ribbons hung in a fashionable manner. One of the simple yet effective DIY wedding ideas is to make the crowd get involved in the celebrations. Organizing a sing-along session, party games or making the guests dance to foot tapping numbers are some of them.  The food items you serve too need not have to be expensive; with the right planning and choice you make the event memorable.