You have spent so much time waiting for the perfect engagement and wedding ring, now it’s sparkling on your finger, reminding you of how special you are. How do you take care of it, how will you ensure that the sparkle remains forever? Here are a few tips on how to take care of your rings:

1.       Keep your wedding ring away from harsh chemicals: Chemicals usually found in cleaning substances like bleach are harmful for your ring and may cause substantial damage especially when your ring has a gemstone fixed on it.

2.       Avoid unnecessary exposure to cosmetics: Always remove your ring while applying make-up, using lotions and sunscreens and keep it away from perfumes, these can make your ring erode when exposed for a long period of time.

3.       A permanent safe home: Decide on one place where you can safely keep your ring, don’t keep changing this place because it is human nature to forget where you had kept it in the first place. Preferably, choose place that is away from sunlight and moisture.

4.       Get it cleaned: It is very important to get your wedding ring cleaned, every week if possible, otherwise every month. Do not use normal household products to clean your ring without taking expert advice. The best thing to do would be to have monthly appointment with your jeweler and get it cleaned by him. It is one of your most precious assets, so the care taken for it should not be ordinary.

5.       Avoid removing it in public: As far as possible, don’t remove your ring while you are washing hands in the washroom, as there are chances you may forget it on the sink and never find it again. If you have to remove the ring, make sure you place it in a safe place, like your wallet or purse.

6.       Kitchen care: There are certain foods that need to be mixed with the hand; the use of your hand is unavoidable in the kitchen. Make sure you are not wearing the ring during this time as certain foods can leave a layer on the ring, affecting its shine.

7.       Insurance: Yes, the Wedding ring is irreplaceable and no cost can be paid for it when its stolen but it is always better to get it insured. Most of the times, the ring is included in your homeowner’s insurance but you can also get it insured specially and separately.


Follow these few tips to make your ring shine as long as your relationship shines. Don’t be susceptible to ring envy and end up comparing your ring with others, leaving you not liking your own ring so much. It is the gesture of love behind the ring that is important, not how the ring looks, remember that always.