Tungsten Carbide Rings are truly a godsend for those to whom traditional rings are becoming a piling frustration. They give a whole new meaning to the word ‘durable’. The current trend is witnessing a huge number of people dumping their gold, silver, platinum rings for tungsten carbide rings. This increasing demand for tungsten carbide rings can be attributed to their unmatched strength and durability and to their unique eye catching colour. So what exactly goes into making these beauties? Its time we find out.

Tungsten is an elementary metal, found on the periodic table as the letter ‘W’ which stands for the wolframite ores in which this metal is found in majority. This is the metal found inside the lights that we use everyday. This is because of its ability to maintain its shape even under extreme temperature. It is highly heat resistant and has a very high melting point. Though slightly less strong when in pure form, combined with carbide, it has an unmatched strength and hardness, making it the metal of choice for machines that undergo highly stressful operations.

Tungsten rings that the world has started to favour does not come easy. There are a huge number of mind boggling procedures done before we get to see the ring as we know it. These procedures are done using extensively advanced technology using state of the art machinery to get the perfect end product- a shiny, glossy, gun metal colour, tungsten carbide ring. This technology has been created specially for this tedious process of making tungsten carbide rings.

Pure tungsten metal and carbon are combined in their powdered form are poured into the ring mould. They undergo extreme pressure so that they combine into one solid mass. This solid blank is fired at 6000 degrees Fahrenheit (more than half the sun’s surface temperature). This facilitates in the perfect solidification. Rough edges are smoothened out with the help of diamond edged saws and the ring is polished to perfection using diamond powdered files and sanders. This is what gives the rings their attractive shine and gloss.

These procedures are done in highly guarded environment under strict safety guidelines and with immaculate care. Each ring is a unique creation, made just for you. Further process involves designing the rings in a myriad ways so that you could pick the perfect design that grabs at your heart. Easy on the pocket, exquisite designs and unmatchable durability acquired by the latest technology are what makes these rings tick.