Marriage, an institution per se is the most sacred and blessed event of one’s life. Before you embark on this beautiful journey with your partner, it is a quintessential requirement to have an itinerary for this journey.

1. Wedding Diary: – Pen down your ideas for your wedding because only then you would be able to put first things first and prioritize accordingly. Keeping a diary will help you spend money wisely, not necessarily economically. You wouldn’t regret in the end thinking of how your money got drained out.

2. The Scaffolding: – It is of prime importance to choose people around you who could get things done for you and make your wedding a special one. Your dress designer ought to know what suits you the best. The wedding party and wedding location must be acceptable to both the bride and the groom.

3. The Bridal Party: – It is pivotal to bring on board those who have made a special place for you in their hearts. In case, you have too many friends on list, then it is wiser to loop in members of family.

4. The Wedding Dress: – Ask yourself how you want to look on your wedding day. Your happiness is of prime importance than what others think you ought to wear. Yet, it is an indisputable idea to hunt for a comfy fabric since you stay in it for a long time.

5. Wedding Theme:- The wedding theme must apparently be self-explanatory. It reflects your taste and your style. You can think of a novel wedding theme such as vintage or a cocktail. You may also go in for a contemporary wedding reception with touches of traditional themes.

6. Wedding Rings: – The most significant part of a Wedding is the Ring Ceremony. Wedding Rings remind you throughout your life of your marriage vows and help you strengthen your bond. Alternative metals are in vogue today and are no less in quality and style than traditional metals. Try the special Tungsten Wedding Rings that are resplendent of standard and superiority.

ten unique wedding tips

7. Grooming the Bride, Groom: – Wedding is an obvious reason to get groomed for the big day. You may think of getting touches of makeover but skin care has to begin right at the moment you think of a wedding as it has to last longer.

8. The Agenda: – If you are thinking of going ahead without an event manager, then a schedule for the big day is exemplary since it helps in saving yours and others time.

9. Wedding invitations and other accessories:- Your wedding invitation sure is a matter of prestige but if you are planning for a quiet wedding, how about an e-invitation? Other things such as the floral arrangement, tables, tissues etc can be projected by you but worked by others.

10. Post-Wedding:- Irrefutably, Wedding is not a one day ceremony. You think of a whole life time and marry your perfect partner. In case, you are thinking of kids immediately, choose an economical honey moon destination. Your wedding has to last a life time and for that setting aside your ego for a while and accommodating each other will help you discover true love.