Change is the only constant thing in the Universe and traditions can be reversed or broken at times. Old ideas need to be stored in the library and fresh, new ideas ought to be given space. Here is a list of wedding traditions that can be skipped without any remorse.

1. Wedding cards or no cards?

With communication become easier and quicker, it is reasonable to go digital and send e-wedding invitation to your guests. In addition to this, make a phone call to all those who don’t mind about you going green.

2. From formal to informal set up.

Have you heard of classroom rules being broken? The same is with wedding. Couples are no more interested in a formal seating arrangement. Your guests can be allowed to sit in groups around tables or you could have them seated around you in a circle.


Wedding traditions to skip

3. A to B to C. – How about C, B, A or B, A, C?

The tradition of a formal wedding taking place in the church and then throwing the wedding party can still be audaciously broken. Saying ‘Thank you’ in the beginning does no harm. The cocktail party and your first dance can be held together. You can choose to skip the wedding cake and just serve it in the end as a dessert.

4. Marriages are made in heaven – So come out of Church.

It is said that Marriages are made in heaven. So you needn’t restrict yourself to a wedding in church. You can think of a dream destination or any other place that you are thrilled to get married at and invite the priest to tie the knot.

5. Wedding expenditure – Is it the bride’s job?

Here it is that you begin to Share and show how much you care. It is no more the bride’s job to spend on weddings. Both the bride and the groom can share the expenditure. Better still, you can skip all wedding embellishments and big parties and invest the same in buying a house.

6. White – no more a hard and fast rule.

When the Groom gets to wear black, blue, grey and other shades, why not the bride? You can think of blending white with colored bands or designs. You could opt for plains or contrasting colors. The wedding still happens, right?

7. Why the ‘veil’do you need it??

The long veil is not mandatory. You can substitute that with a headband, a tiara or a hat. A short veil also gives a cool look.

8. A wedding gown, a bouquet, a handbag and a husband.

Imagine a bride holding a wedding gown while walking with a bouquet in a hand with a small handbag or a purse hung on the little finger and generously lending the other hand to the groom! It is just imperative to get pockets to keep small little things in it, avoid bouquet and just walk freely hand in hand.

9. The ‘She Best man’ and the ‘He Brides maid’.

Gender and age needn’t come in between when you want to choose who you want to be beside you. Let change begin with you.

10. ‘Gift’ or ‘gifts’

Traditionally, we are so used to taking gifts. This time, gift your guests a small memento, be it a key chain with your names inscribed or anything they can take home.