giftformanThere has always been that one gift that never goes out of fashion when you gift it to the one you love. Rings, of course! Rings have their own magical way of professing your love. Love and rings always go hand in hand and that’s not going to change anytime soon. From exquisite engagement rings to simple weddings bands, rings have always been a symbol of true love and commitment.

Rings made of precious metals have been the traditional choice until recent times. As people began to evolve in every aspect of life so did their taste for jewellery. The newest trends are looking towards breaking traditions and to experiment with something modern and exciting and worth every penny, all at the same time.

If you are looking to gift your man with a ring that screams of modernity and trending fashion in every way, then your best choice would be tungsten rings. If you’ve always thought that gold or platinum wedding bands are boring and outdated, then be prepared to be dazzled by the awesomeness of men’s tungsten wedding rings which are all the rage in today’s wedding jewellery arena. Tungsten men’s rings come with a whole lot of positives that are sure to make you fall in love with them at once. Here’s why tungsten rings are the best gift you can give to your loved one.

Strength matters most

Wouldn’t you always want the ring you’ve gifted to stay on your beloved’s fingers for all eternity? Shouldn’t it be something so strong that it wouldn’t break or bend or get scratched up? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, the there’s only one option and that is a tungsten carbide ring. Tungsten being one of the hardest metal on the planet and extremely scratch-resistant, you don’t have to guess twice about its strength and longevity. Processed with carbon and manufactured through a compression technique, extreme care is taken through every step of the making so that the final product stays good as new for many years to come. A ring that doesn’t dent, bend, chip off, gets scratched or eroded is a ring that is totally worthy of your guy, don’t you think? Men’s tungsten wedding rings are easily the most symbolic gift that would speak of the strength of your relationship for all your days to come. It will stand as a test of time, just like your love for each other.

Varieties aplenty

Tungsten wedding rings are a revolution when it comes to men’s weddings rings. There are so many different types and variations that are sure to take your breath away. No gold or platinum ring could give you this vast range of varieties to choose from. From the shape to the cut to the finish, there’s a mind-boggling array of choices with each ring just as unique and attractive as the other. You can choose from plain bands that are flat, bevelled or domed to bands that are inlaid with gold, platinum, silver or bronze that make a two-coloured masterpiece. The edges come in faceted or grooved varieties that just add to the ‘wow’ factor. There’s a choice when it comes to finishes too. You can choose from polished, highly glossy eye-catching ones to matte-finished smooth ones that go up a notch on the glamour quotient. Who knew men’s wedding rings can be this much diverse in variety? Well, that’s tungsten wedding rings for you! There’s so much on offer that choosing one among them is going to be one of the toughest gifting tasks indeed. Time to spoil your man with these unending choices!

Designs to die for

If just the shape, cut and finish have that wide a range, imagine the choice when it comes to designs. There is simply nothing else to match it. Designed by experts who spare nothing when it comes to designs, each unique ring is a winner. From artistically gouged grooves to striped patterns, from intricately carved shapes to inlaid metal in various combinations, tungsten wedding rings come in every imaginable design there is. Every unique design is sure to make your man beam with pride every time he looks at his fingers. You can never go wrong with any design you choose. He is going to absolutely love it! Manly, bold, and ever-so-attractive, these rings make a style statement that will turn heads everywhere he goes. If you’re looking for a ring that he will appreciate all his life and would never go out of fashion, the tungsten wedding rings are the perfect choice for that perfect gift you’ve always dreamed of giving him.

Everlastingly beautiful

You will be hard put to find any other ring that is as scratch-resistant as a tungsten ring. Due to extremely high levels of polishing, the surface is brilliantly glossy and smooth and resists all major scratches and grazes. While your conventional gold and platinum rings get scratched on a daily basis and lose their shine and gloss in a matter of months, tungsten men’s weddings rings retain their gloss and shine for several years. Even the rarest scratches would be so minor that they can be buffed out in a jiffy. Tungsten being one of the most tarnish-resistant metals, there is absolutely no worries of the ring changing its colour. The ring will always be the colour that you chose for your love and will look the same as it had on the day you bought it.

The brilliance of black

Gone are the days when jewellery was nothing but the yellow of gold or the white of silver. Black is the new colour of bling. Black makes everything so much better looking. From cars to clothes to nail colours, black is the sexiest colour that is the talk of the moment. If all that can be in black, why can’t jewellery? That is where tungsten carbide rings make their grand entry. Being a black metal, the rings made of tungsten carbide come in all shades of the colour you love. Deep inky black, greyish black, silvery gray, greyish silver, the list is long. If your man is crazy about all things black, he has got to have a tungsten men’s wedding ring. Black is a colour that encompasses every other colour. Likewise, a black tungsten ring of tungsten rings Australia will stay as a symbol of your all-encompassing love for each other.

Gold Tungsten Rings

For those of you who feel that a bit of gold always makes things more special, then gold tungsten wedding rings are just for you. Inlaid with gold of varying carats, in gorgeous designs and styles, you guy’s wedding ring will; be perfect match to your gold wedding band. The shiny brilliance of gold and the dark glamour of black, what else would a guy want? They are two colours that absolutely complement each other with their stark differences. Add in some bold, stylish patterns and you’ve a ring that your guy will go crazy about. Black and gold tungsten rings have a unique way of exhibiting elegant grace and rugged handsomeness all in a single band. Quite like the love of your life don’t you think?

Kevlar Tungsten Rings

If you thought tungsten carbide isn’t enough of strength quotient, how does Kevlar tungsten ring sound? You read it right! There is an impressive array of tungsten rings inlaid with carbon Kevlar in various masculine, bold patterns that are way too good to miss out on. These rings take men’s wedding bands to a whole new level in term of looks and strength. They create a solid effect and an unforgettable visual impact that will be bringing praises that your guy will be basking under for many years to come.  There is simply nothing else to beat that is there?

Gun Metal Tungsten Rings

If there’s one colour that screams sexiness in every square centimetre of it, that’s gun metal. Somewhere between black, grey and silver, this colour has an amazing sheen that is unmatchable. Gun metal tungsten rings are one of the hottest options for tungsten ring lovers in Australia. Brilliantly sleek and gloriously sexy, these rings are so high on the ‘oomph’ factor that they make one kickass gift. Expect stunned surprise and unbound joy on your man’s face when he opens this gift. These rings will be such killer gifts that he’ll be falling in love with you all over again. Score!

Carbon Fibre Tungsten Rings

This is another favourite from the world of tungsten rings. Inlaid with compound carbon fibre that adds to the strength of the ring, this is one ring that has all the pros you are looking for. Sexy black in colour and a composition that could survive Dooms Day itself, this is one perfect gift that will speak for itself. Carbon Fibre Tungsten Rings, with their bold looks and unmatchable durability are surely a gift fit for the king. Yours too!

Easy on the pocket

Wedding rings can be really expensive these days with the price of gold and platinum sky-rocketing higher each day. Want to get your love a wedding ring that doesn’t compromise on looks and quality but goes easy on the pocket as well? Well tungsten wedding rings are here to the rescue? Comparatively cheaper than traditional gold and platinum rings, tungsten rings are a godsend for the gift on a budget. Gorgeous looks and unmatchable durability like nothing else, their price is as attractive as their other attributes. Now that’s one wholesome package that you don’t want to miss. For all those who believe price equals quality, tungsten rings are a slap in the face. You get great looks and great quality at a great price. I bet there’s nothing on the market to beat that!

With the whole wide world of tungsten wedding rings open before you, gifting your loved one with that perfect ring is never going to be the same again. A gift that says everything you’ve ever wanted to say and symbolises eternal love, tungsten rings will be a prized addition to your love life that you both will treasure for the rest of your lives. Gifts are a way of expressing your love and affection and that’s exactly what a prettily wrapped tungsten wedding ring will do. Why search anywhere else for that perfect gift when you have gorgeous tungsten rings to choose from? Wait no more and get that gift for your loved one and watch as he fills up with joy and love for you.