Tungsten otherwise known as Wolfram was discovered in the year 1973 and was named after the Swedish word “Tung Sten” that means heavy metal. This metal was initially used as an industrial element to dissolve tin. Later it was alloyed with other compounds to form “Tungsten Carbide” that is known for its hardness and high melting point.

Today Tungsten carbide apart from industrial application is most commonly used in wedding jewellery for men and women. The tungsten rings that are made from tungsten carbide are high in durability and scratch resistant. Although tungsten carbide is a non-precious metal the rings made out from them are most commonly used as wedding bands.

The Origin of Tungsten carbide rings

The Origin of Tungsten carbide rings

Mad tungsten known for its high quality tungsten rings manufactures these rings in various styles and colours. A pinch of various other metals like Kevlar, carbon fibre, gold , steel and silver are added to these tungsten carbide rings to customize them into a better fashionable tungsten rings that can speak for a lifetime. The warranty that Mad tungsten can provide for these tungsten rings is a “lifetime”. These tungsten rings are perfect for a wedding and even after years of marriage they can shine with the same bling.


  • Tungsten rings can chuck out anything that comes its  way just like a strong man.
  • The scratches on these rings are temporary and can be removed with a soft cloth.
  • Being strong enough tungsten rings can never get a dent on its surface like other precious metals.
  • Tungsten rings are non-allergic  for people with sensitive skin.
  • You will never get bored of your wedding rings as they are from Mad tungsten.

Well, anything else more advantageous than this?