It is common to see women wearing rings and posses a minimum of half a dozen as part of their wardrobe collection. Unlike women, men are normally seen sporting one or two rings on their fingers only. This makes sense why they choose rings with utmost care and thought. The kind of metal and ring colour loved by men often happens to be the silver or black or white rather than gold which has a distinct yellow colour. This is because the yellow coloured gold rings and the ones made out of platinum especially studded with diamonds are thought to show signs of more feminine qualities than the rings in silver or black or white colour. Actually, men associate rings in black and grey tints with manliness and authority. Not only that they also prefer something that is simple yet elegant to look at.

Other than tungsten, white gold, platinum and silver metals too can be fashioned into rings with silver or white or black colour but each of them as come with their own pros and cons. For instance, white gold is comparatively cheaper than platinum but might is a malleable metal and would require polishing at a later date. Silver will undergo oxidation very easily and would need to be cleaned very often, making it unsuitable for daily wear. Platinum on the other hand is very expensive that it is reserved for the elite. Now you know why tungsten rings sell off the shelves of jewelry stores like hot cakes and why they strike a chord with men in particular.

Even though tungsten was introduced as a metal meant for machinery and manufacturing tools, it has managed to emerge as a famous alloy used for making jewelry items like rings. With carbide in them, tungsten rings are highly robust. They seldom bend or break unlike other metals. They also are tarnish resistant and are hypoallergenic especially when nickel is used as a binder. The need to polish them would not arise as they stay dazzling, forever.  Men find these unique qualities of tungsten very appealing and hence choose these metal rings as daily wear rings without any worries and guilt. According to survey and research, online stores that sell tungsten rings see a surge of sales of broader yet light rings. These stores are seen to have an assorted array of designs to please men with varied tastes and expectations so that there is something or the other for everyone.