Mad Tungsten really had to share this story from Vince because it was so well written and it had to be published.

” Never before was I this nervous around her, I was on one knee and waiting for her to answer.
It actually was our three year anniversary together and something special was to be planned. A variety of thoughts ran through my mind before reaching the ultimate decision. And for about a week I tortured myself to find the perfect way of proposing. ‘Proposing in a fancy restaurant – too cheesy, in the privacy of our house – too simple’, such were the thoughts. Time closed by and an eventual decision had to be made.
The first time I met her was at a park beside my hose house. The time was around six in the morning and I exhausted myself jogging around in the park. I bent down to tighten my shoe laces and I felt a kick at my back, at first and later a thud followed. That was the first time I saw her. She tripped kicking me behind and fell over her side. Though both weren’t hurt she was all apologetic and sorry for not noticing me below, but all I noticed is how beautiful she was.
The next day we jogged alongside each other and had a long chat. She introduced herself as Christie and I then introduced myself as Vince. She had just moved to town then and worked at a museum. Our hoses weren’t that far too. I took no further and asked her on a date that weekend. That was the beginning and after a year and a half, I asked her to move in with me.
The other year and a half that trailed was the best I’ve ever lived. Every minute happiness and satisfaction a man could ever wish for was fulfilled during that span. I made certain that she too experienced the feel I had.
Our second year anniversary together was intimate. I made her breakfast and later on took the day off work and drove along for hours together, just talking. The magic we had between us never seemed to fade. When the third anniversary neared I made up my mind to take the relationship a step further.
The one thing that proves the entire bond of love during the proposal is based on the ring we put on their finger. Though most women prefer diamond, Christie always had a fascination for something unique. I started browsing online for a ring store that gave us the option of custom designing the ring and the search led me to MAD-TUNGSTEN. I was rather thrilled to see something existed that matched my exact expectations. I immediately picked up my phone and enquired all I had to know and started designing the ring I thought she would like.
Keeping the entire process a secret wasn’t an issue as Christie left for a nearby city to curate a piece of art at another museum. The ring was sent to our house at the promised time and I started to look up for a perfect location to propose. Christie came home a day before the anniversary. I made sure that not a hint of anything remotely related to the proposal was noticeable.
We had a heavy late dinner after which I said that I had a light distress in my stomach. I asked her if she wanted to walk with me outside for a little while in order to digest the food we had for which she agreed.
We put our sweaters and walked around our house for a while after which we headed towards the park. I noticed the time in my cell and noticed that it was five past twelve. I casually led her to the spot where we first met. I came to a stop and turned towards her and even before I made my move she kissed me and wished me a happy third anniversary. I stood for a while smiling and got down on one knee. I pulled out the ring box and revealed it to her.
“This is where all started and ever since all I forever wanted in my entire life was received. I don’t wish to lose that ever.” I looked at her the entire time and I saw her eyes welling up. I finally popped the question “Will you marry me?”
It was cold and her tears started rolling down her cheek. She wiped her eyes clean, cleared her throat and finally said “Of course I do, now please get up.”