A wedding is not only about taking blessings and cheers but also gifting and treating your guests. The best way to do that is to give them a gift, what is known as wedding favors. It is a gesture by the groom and the bride to gift their guests expressing gratitude and to make this gift such that, it remains in the memory of every guest forever. Here are a few tips and ideas for wedding favors:

Wedding Favours

  • Gift them a bonsai plant (plant as a symbolism of love that will grow), with a personalized message written by the bride and the bridegroom. For the special guests, write these messages revealing their good qualities and how they have been there for you or what reminds you of them etc.
  • Snow globes/ water globes are another lovely option for wedding favors. No matter what the age, it is liked and adored by all.
  • Tiny frames, depicting an artwork done by someone close to you or by someone to whom you have asked to create art especially for the wedding. These frames make up for great home decoration and are a constant reminder to others about you and your role in their life.
  • Another thoughtful idea for wedding favors would be to give charitable gifts. This your way to give back to this world and also make a statement of humanity at such an important day like your wedding. What can be better?
  • A common but beautiful idea would be to gift a set of candles with a message stating ‘to bring light in your life, when in darkness’. It would touch the hearts of your beloved guests.
  • If you are the kind who likes to keep it simple, you can give each guest a custom printed paper bag saying a thank you with your names, with a sweet or a chocolate inside.
  • If you are the ones who love spectacles, then to make your wedding even special, give each of your guests, a sky lantern, a match stick and a marker. Let them all light the lanterns together with their names on it. It is something that will seal the memory of your wedding in their minds forever.
  • Another idea would be to gift photo mugs (the ones which show the photo after hot liquid is poured into them). Their mornings would begin with you then!

Gift what translates your personality into a thing and don’t forget to add a personal message to it!