How fragrant is your wedding going to be? How do you decide what flowers are the best for you? Well, to start with, choose those flowers which symbolize you, or your relationship with your soul-mate. That is the crux of the whole thing. Choose what appeals to both of you. Don’t choose roses just because they have been the symbol for love, or orchids because they are a popular choice. Choose what makes a statement about you and your to-be-spouse. Here’s how you do that:

  • Search into special and remote places for exquisite and uncommon flowers, take a trip into the market and look for flowers that are not usually in demand. Get into a conversation with the florist, take their suggestions.
  • Browse through various, book and websites, either to choose what is popular, or simply to avoid what is common. Because after all, there is nothing wrong or right about the kind of flowers you choose for your wedding.
  • Choose those flowers which give out a faint fragrance, it always works. It not only keeps the atmosphere pleasant but also adds an air of personalization and yes ofcourse, it will definitely make you smile!
  • Research a little about those flowers, certain flowers die out soon, the others last longer. You don’t want the flowers to turn brown and black half way through your wedding, do you? Make sure, they are those that can last long, atleast till the end of your wedding ceremony.
  • Hire a person to sprinkle water on them, if not on all but on the ones where it is possible. It will make them shine, when the light falls on them, which will in turn add an heavenly feel to your ceremony.
  • Don’t cut out all the stems and the leaves, remember imperfection is beauty. Certain flowers, look classic along with some leaves attached to them.
  • What color do you want your flowers to be of? Every color speaks about something. If you are fond of rare flowers and if you are not narrow minded, pick up a black rose bouquet, or you can go for single color theme in flowers.
  • You can either contrast your flowers with your wedding dress or complement them. It is entirely upto you.
  • About the bridal bouquet- make sure that when you prepare your bridal bouquet, you personalize it. For eg, you can add a small message inside the bouquet for the person who gets it.
  • And last but not the least, keep in mind, your budget. Spend only how much you planned to, good flowers could be found even in a low budget.

Wedding flower images

So that were a few tips to choose your wedding flowers. To conclude, there is just one more tip to consider, you can pick up a few flowers and place them inside a book for a life-time memory of your special day! It is indeed a wonderful feeling to see those flowers again after a few years and rejoice.