Music is magical and divine. It has the ability to change the whole atmosphere by stirring up emotions of the people present. Hence it is imperative to choose the right kind of wedding music to make wedding celebrations ostentatious and memorable. Tips to choose your wedding music are given below:

  • Selection of wedding music would be appreciated only when it suits the mood and wedding theme. In addition to it, it should also match the personalities of the bride and the groom. For instance, a classic, slow music will be appropriate for a shy couple while a jazz or pop music with a fast number will be suitable for a happy-go-lucky couple.
  • Wedding music should not only be selected with a sole motive to entertain alone but also have to be expressive, making everyone present at the wedding venue feel charged. Take care to choose apt lyrics or else it can lead to confusion and humiliation. Won’t it be funny to hear a song speaking about break-up or infidelity during a wedding?
  • Wedding comprises of various important moments like the aisle walk or procession, bride and father dance, groom and mother dance, bride and groom’s first dance, bouquet toss and so on. Certain moments will require emphasis while some will not, therefore the wedding music need to be planned, selected and played with the right energy and level to achieve desired effects.  You can even plan to have a dramatic entry inside the wedding venue with music.
  • When selecting wedding music, the venue in which it has to be played need to be taken in consideration too. Based on the venue type and size you can increase or decrease the number of speakers, woofers and mikes. For instance beach weddings might require different kind of settings when compared to the closed hall settings. The same way a peppy number might not be appropriate if the wedding takes place inside a church.
  • Unless and until you known a great deal about music it is better not to be part of the music selection process. You can always get suggestions from professionals and veterans including the music bands, Disk Jockeys or music fanatics.
  • If you have plans to make live band play music, ensure that they have good reputation and sufficient experience in playing your preferred music genre. You can even personalize a song by incorporating the groom’s and bride’s name in the lyrics and make them sing. Any thing is possible, your creativity and passion is your limit.