That beautiful wedding ring on your finger always makes you smile. It reminds you of the special bond with your partner and the relationship you share. But now, you want the world to know! You want to show off your love to the people around you by way of showing off your wedding ring. So how do you do that? Here are a few tips:

  • Use the left hand more

Do things like passing a piece of paper, pointing out etc. with your left hand rather than the right hand. This makes it easy for the people to notice the ring on your finger without you uttering a single word about it.

  • Use lemons

Rubbing lemon slices on your nails tends to make them cleaner and whiter. This complements the ring you are wearing and gives an emphasis to it. Also, white nails attract more attention than pink ones, so go use the lemons, show off your ring.

  • For women- nail paint!

Use colours that complement your ring. For example if your ring is a white diamond ring, nude shade of nail paint gives it a beautiful touch. Depending upon your ring colour, accordingly use the colour of your nail paint. Red nail paint will definitely attract attention to your hand more.

  • Clean your ring

Keep cleaning your ring time and again with a soft cloth to maintain the lustre and to prevent the dirt from lessening the shine of the ring due to the daily wear. If you don’t do this, the ring will lose the bling and look old.

  • Get your hands manicured

Getting your fingers manicured makes the ring look good on your hands; it shows that you want to be perfect.  When you show the ring to someone who asks about it, you don’t want your hand to be all messy, do you?

  • Use a de-tan kit for your      hands

Get rid of all the tan on your hand, make the ring shine on your beautiful hands, it helps to show it off immensely.  De-tanning kits are available at the beauty shops or you could visit a beauty salon.

Follow these few tips when you decide to show off your wedding ring to the people around you. Sometimes there are moments when you don’t need to say a single word, your mere gesture and your body language can convey a million feelings.