Engagement rings otherwise known as betrothal rings in general are considered as some kind of token announcing the world that the person who is wearing it is soon going to marry a person of his/her wish and choice. The origin of this custom of sporting engagement rings dates back to the roman era and became famous among westerners after the 13th century. But still this practice has managed to remain because many societies and cultures all around the world regard exchanging and wearing these rings as a kind of commitment between the soon-to-wed couples. However, the type, design and finger on which they are worn greatly depend on the custom, religion and place the person belongs to.

engagement rings- tungsten carbide rings

Even though both the genders wear them you will definitely agree that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Now you know why engagement rings for men vary a great deal from that of the engagement rings for women. The difference is not only observed in the design and size but also in the choice of material. Women are delicate darlings and hence often go for rings in delicate designs.  They also like to splurge hence prefer precious metals and gemstones while men are often very practical and hence opt for the long lasting types with either a bold or simple design.  After the global economic slowdown prospective grooms are now looking ways to conserve their wedding expenses and it includes rings too.  The main motive is to be free of any financial burden and that too when starting a new life.  But it does not means that they have to compromise on the quality and beauty of the rings they wish to wear for their lifetime.

Taking all the above facts into consideration one would easily comprehend that Tungsten rings would be the right choice. It has to be noted that unlike other affordable materials like steel, silver and cobalt, tungsten is long-lasting, stays polished for a life time and easy to clean. Moreover these tungsten rings for men are as strong as the platinum, diamond rings. Unless and until they are scratched or etched by tools with diamond they seldom get scratched.  This quality has come as a boon especially for those who are involved in hard work and who do not have the time to take care of their rings. Many have clearly understood this and hence tungsten rings for men are selling like hot cakes over the internet.  Buying at online stores too has proved beneficial for buyers because, online stores not only offer great service but also offer great discounts. The money they save on various overheads which otherwise they would have spent on selling through physical stores is passed on as discounts to customers.