Welcome to the world of ‘Men’s special’ ring makers. From times immemorial, both men and women have been fascinated with ornaments. What looks more appealing to men is undoubtedly, the finger ring and what appeals to women is men with outstanding sense of style.  Mad Tungsten unveils an array of rings designed especially for men. Nevertheless, Tungsten rings whet the appetite of both men and women for trendy and nifty finger rings. A perfect fusion of the hard and durable Tungsten with carbon fibre results in this long lasting and lustrous metal, Tungsten Carbide. Another distinct feature of Tungsten Carbide Rings is that they are budget friendly when compared to other metals. In this modern world where it has become highly implausible to spend top cash for jewelleries and metals, Tungsten Carbide at Mad Tungsten is the solution to such concerns and offers you per se high class finger rings to satiate your needs.


These dainty rings styled to meet your requirement come in ethereal, mesmeric designs and finish as well. Formed in extreme sweltering conditions, Tungsten Carbide is made to stabilize itself as the toughest of all metals, much similar to men’s robustness and dynamism. Unlike other metals that call for polishing intermittently, Tungsten Carbide retains its salubriousness and opalescence even in either of the extreme climatic conditions. Moreover, it is resistant to and thwarts any kind of scratches or taints. These unique features elevate Tungsten Carbide Rings to the Top-notch jewellery of modern times.

men's tungsten rings

You may opt to choose a polished one or a matte finish. Brushed and grooved ones are available at your disposal too. You are privileged also to choose the ring base, placement and layout. You can think of a gold plated or a diamond studded ring. In short, you get to be a designer of your own ring. Whether you are going to get married or betrothed, whether it is a symbol of love or eternity, with Tungsten Carbide Rings, the occasion will yield a good outcome.


Mad Tungsten presents a gamut of charming designs for men and women as well. As Tungsten Carbide is symbolic of men’s toughness and vigour, it is also fashioned subtly to be graceful and stunning for gorgeous women. All you have to do is choose the already available designs or make one for yourself.

Tungsten Carbide Rings are ideal and beyond compare for they just perfect for ‘The Man’.