There comes the time when you , have decided to take the vows of marriage with your partner, those are strong and firm. You decide to exchange rings….yes your mind stops there, what kind of a ring would your partner like? Especially when that is something which is going to be with him/her for life? You decide that you don’t want to go for clichéd stuff, no gold or steel, and then what do you go for? The answer is TUNGSTEN. Not ordinary. Exceptional. Strong. Wonderful.

So what exactly is Tungsten Carbide? It is an alloy of Tungsten metal and carbon. It is ten times stronger than 18k gold; it gives a strong look, as strong as you want your promise of love to be.  In bridal industry, the demand for tungsten carbide rings is fast rising as everyone wants to add something ‘unique’ to their wedding.  There is one myth which one would often come across that tungsten rings are meant only for men because of the toughness. That is not true, we at MAD TUNGSTEN have rings that would suit women as well (today’s women don’t want to be referred to as weak and delicate do they?) These rings are highly durable and do not break easily, which is another reason for you to have your own tungsten carbide ring!

These tungsten rings which we are talking about are legendary! It has its mention in Stager Lee songs, ghost stories of tungsten rings remaining on the hands of people at cemeteries, in the stories of Bonnie and Clyde where in 1925, Bonnie meets her lover and they exchange tungsten bands, a legend of a man turned into a wolf who was thrown into a volcano and what remained was tungsten, so on and so forth! That may or may not be true but the excellent advantages of tungsten are completely true!

Now your mind wonders how expensive are they? They are not at all expensive and are quite affordable. The rings start from 200$ and you can have them designed as you like it. Now you can gift a ring without cutting a hole in your pocket which also makes your partner happy to possess a ring that is something beyond conventional. People think that these rings cannot be removed from your fingers in time of a medical complication that is again far away from truth. The hospitals are well-equipped with the right technology and instruments to remove the ring from your finger without causing any harm at all.

tungsten carbide wedding bands


Get your tungsten ring, like you want it, to make it symbolic to the bond you share. At MAD TUNGSTEN we mix it with gold, silver, genuine (totally real) carbon fiber, bullet stopping Kevlar and any other ingredient to add complete perfection to your ring, which makes you fall in love with it (almost as much as you love your partner, we can say!) Go on, get one of your priced possession, your tungsten ring!