The qualities and beauty of tungsten carbide rings are such that it does not require any recommendation or marketing tools to promote its sales. Unlike other rings that are made from precious metals like gold and silver, tungsten carbide rings are extremely hard and resists scratching. It also does not require any extra polishing. This means, they stay polished and look as good as a new ring for many years, unless and until they get scratched accidentally or on purpose by any hard metal or material like diamond. Tungsten being a metal with all these wonderful qualities and incomparable beauty is surprisingly reasonably priced. Now you know the reason why tungsten wedding rings are the most favored ring types among soon-to-be wed couples all over the world.

care for tungsten carbide rings


Even though the rings made from tungsten carbide do not actually require any polishing and care, it should be kept in mind that they too can get smudged and become dull due to various reasons.  For instance, the rings can attract dirt when worn during cleaning or due to deposit of fingerprints and so on. Sometimes the lotions, perfumes and sanitizers you use on a daily basis too can get collected on them.  But do not worry, as cleaning these rings is a hassle free process. You only need a simple cloth, abrasive sponge or cheese cloth to wipe off the dirt collected on them or simple soap and water solution to wash the grime from them.  But, ensure that you keep the ring dry and clean after it is treated with soap and water solution to avoid accumulation of soap.  If the grime is hard to wipe off, a soft bristled toothbrush can also be used for cleaning.

Following simple tips too will help in keeping your tungsten carbide wedding rings spic and span, life long.  It is better to avoid exposing these rings to callous chemicals like ammonia and chlorine. For instance, if you are going for swimming in chlorine treated water, it is good to take off your ring till you finish swimming.  Since diamonds can scratch these rings, it is good to keep them away from diamond jewelry items and the like.  An exclusive storage space for these rings would be the best solution to this problem. It is better to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners but if you had to, it is better to curtail the cleaning process within 60 seconds. This is to avoid the rings from getting damaged.