We, in these modern times, have found innumerable methods to break free of the conventional boundaries that have encumbered us and our lifestyles from making the choices we want. When it comes to wedding jewellery, one such modernisation that has taken the market by storm  is the Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring. Endowed with a good many favourable aspects starting from their incomparable durability to their eye-catching colour, tungsten carbide rings are the most favoured ring for weddings all over the world.

When it comes to shopping for a wedding, the statistics range from a pleasurable stroll through the malls with an expectant glow, to total chaos and uproar that leaves you drained and prickly at the end of the day. To escape from the latter, there is the easiest way of shopping online. But how do you shop online for something like a wedding ring that calls for a try-out? Here is how, along with an idea of what makes tungsten carbide rings tick.

Sending in your accurate ring size is the key to getting the ring that fits like it’s made just for you. Which it actually is! Hence measurement should be made in the right way and in the middle of the day. This gives you the exact measurement since our fingers tend to swell or shrink at miniscule lengths depending on the temperature and the time of day. The ring should fit snugly at the very base of the finger. Any local jewellery store will gladly measure up your finger for you with the universal ring scale that is highly dependable.

Tungsten carbide ring sizes are always a tad bigger than the conventional gold rings. To avoid difficulty, in such cases, it is essential to order your tungsten carbide ring, a half a size smaller than your gold ring. This will ensure the perfect fit that is essential to wedding rings. Due to their unbeatable hardness and strength, that makes it preferable for many, it also becomes difficult to resize in case of a misfit. It is wise to choose a store that offers half sizes so that it can be readily replaced in such cases.

sizing of tungsten carbide rings


Tungsten rings are heavier than other metals and hence will always have a slight downwards pull on your finger that can easily be mistook for looseness. Not to worry though, for the right sized ring more than compensates with its exceptionally easy maintenance, striking gun metal colour and an unbeatable lustre. The width ranges from 9-12mm in various styles and designs, hence catering to a very wide range of men with varying width preferences.

A wedding ring symbolises the everlasting love that brings together two souls and no other ring is more beautifully everlasting than a tungsten carbide ring.