Have you ever caught yourself staring morosely at the battered old ring around your finger and reminiscing about the day you first wore it? The ring that was in all its sparkling glory when it was brand new, has sadly turned into the band of scratches and dents, that is your ring now. Want a way out? This is where Tungsten Carbide rings come in. The arrival of this latest trend in men’s bling is quite a revolution in the centuries old tradition of wearing gold, silver or platinum rings.

Most of us would have come across Tungsten as an element in the Periodic Table in 6th grade. Some of us know that it is the metal that burns inside light bulbs. What most of us don’t know is that, tungsten is now making rounds as the preferred metal for wedding rings. A wedding ring signifies the eternal love shared by two people and what better way than to fashion it from the eternally beautiful metal of tungsten? Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on the planet and is extremely scratch resistant. Processed with carbon, compressed into bands, fired, ground and polished and Voila! A Tungsten Carbide ring is made, which will stand the test of time than any other metal.

Tungsten Rings, stronger rings for a stronger bond !
The rings are very hard and hence, there will be absolutely no dents, remaining everlastingly beautiful. The brilliant high polish will resist almost all scratches, giving it an unbeatable glossy smooth surface. These tungsten rings range in colour from a highly polished black to a beautiful gun-metal colour, an eye-catching deep grey silver. The rings can be custom made to suit your size and preferences. Apart from a plain band, that is domed, flat or beveled, it also comes with several variations like inlayed with gold, silver, platinum or bronze, faceted, and grooved. A Tungsten Carbide ring stays brand new for many years and any micro-scratches that occur can be easily buffed-out.
One will be hard-put to find a metal that speaks more about the strength and eternity of a couple’s love for each other, than a Tungsten Carbide ring. So get one of these beauties on your finger, and trust me, you will never have bought jewellery more worthy of your money.