Tungsten Vs Tungsten carbide

Tungsten and tungsten carbide are often referred to as one and the same. But in  reality tungsten is an element and tungsten carbide is an alloy each with different physical and chemical properties.  Separately, tungsten metal with an appearance similar to steel and titanium is highly susceptible to damages and scratches. When dropped, it could crack or shatter in to pieces. But when combined with carbon alloy tungsten becomes tungsten carbide – one of the hardest materials on earth with hardness ranging from 8.5 to 9.5 on Mohs scale. When compared to titanium, tungsten carbide is four times stronger and two times as strong as  steel. This quality makes it practically scratch resistant and damage resistant. Now you know why it has been largely used in various industrial applications as rocket engine nozzles, cutting tools and mining machinery.

Couples who are about to get married or engaged wish everything related to their wedding turn out to be exotic, special and thoughtful. Wedding rings are one of those important elements in a marriage that is expected to be out of the ordinary. Silver, gold and platinum are still famous options but they are no longer considered as the only metal options as far as wedding rings are concerned. Jewelry designers have continuously surprised couples with their inspirational wedding ring designs featuring diamonds and various other precious gemstones studded over an array of metals. Now their focus has turned on to tungsten carbide metal simply for the reason that they are affordable and stay intact with an eternal shine, forever. Tungsten wedding bands in a way reflects the minds of today’s couples in an interesting manner of sorts. Much of its fame and preference can be attributed to its durability and everlasting beauty. Just like a wedding signifies an eternal bond between the couple, tungsten bands too signify the same meaning through its characteristics. Considered as a space age metal, tungsten carbide strikes a chord among modern day couples, all across the globe. Its suitability to everyday use has enabled it to be used as wedding bands that are worn on a daily basis by both men and women. These rings are extremely scratch resistant that men who are involved in hard work too can wear them without any worries of them getting damaged.

Gold Rings

 Tungsten wedding bands have not only opened new vistas for many jewelry designers but also for all those who seek something new and exciting.  The choice of alloys and metals with which tungsten rings can be made, the beautification they allow including engravings, inlays and symbols enrich the process of selecting and owning. Tungsten carbide rings are the most sought after ones because of their other features too. Apart from being one of the hardest metals they are also the denser ones very much like gold. People of all skin types especially the ones with sensitive skins can wear these rings because they are hypoallergenic. But beware as some jewelers use cobalt as binder simply because they are cheaper and do not heed to the problems caused by it. Cobalt has a tendency to react with skin oils and result in oxidation, which is very much similar to the oxidation that happens in silver. The oxidation and the discoloration thus caused might not be removed simply by grinding or polishing. Sometimes it can also lead to skin problems and rashes for the wearers. Nickel binders are the ones to look for when buying tungsten carbide rings as they are chemically inert and hypoallergenic in nature. Hence, as a smart buyer you need to find what kind of binder is being used in the making of the rings and see what is being listed by the seller. Common people might not know the difference between tungsten bands and tungsten carbide rings and hence might use these terms synonymously, but jewelers cannot, as they know what exactly goes into the making of the rings and need to be specific while mentioning them. This makes it crystal clear to note if they are mentioned merely as tungsten bands. If so, kindly clarify before taking the plunge of buying them.

Ever wondered why tungsten carbide rings are a class apart from the rest? Here is the answer. Actually, the secret lies in the manner in which it is made. To create this base metal alloy, carbon, tungsten and other elements such as nickel or cobalt are ground together in the form of a powder.  Then round blanks meant for creating rings are made by compressing the powder using dyes at high pressures.  The blanks thus formed are then fired inside a furnace that is free of any oxygen at nearly 2400 degrees Fahrenheit to give an exceptionally hard quality. The rings thus formed go through a laborious process involving cutting and shaping to make it ready for further beautification processes including engraving, inlaying and so on.  Most often the process is compared to that of cutting and polishing a rough diamond as this metal too demands the same kind of approach owing to its characteristic similarities. Even the final polishing is done using diamond polishing wheels and tools that it gets a shine and polish that can last forever. You cannot even imagine obtaining this finish with other kinds of metals. Now you know why rings made from tungsten carbide are superior to others.  But you should keep in mind that not all rings made from tungsten carbide are equal. It all depends on the jewel manufacturer who creates it. They can differ in grain size, carbon content and content of other elements, their mixture proportion and inclusion of cobalt or nickel and so on. Other than this difference can also be seen in terms of weight, size, width, style, design and even finish. While choosing and buying these rings, you need to take all the factors into consideration and see if it is worth the value in terms of money as well as quality. So far those who have worn tungsten rings with cobalt have experienced skin allergies and hence do not prefer them. Hence jewelry manufacturers who are concerned about their customers have started using nickel in the place of cobalt. Some jewelry manufacturers go a step ahead in reinforcing the already durable rings made from tungsten by incorporating Kevlar. Here as some facts regarding Kevlar in order to enlighten some who do not know what it is. Carbon Kevlar is the material that is popular for its use in vests for men who are involved in various action-filled activities. It is used because of its unique properties like its ability to stop bullets and prevent piercing it. Even though carbon Kevlar shares a striking resemblance with carbon fiber it boasts of a holographic effect that is unsurpassed with any other material including carbon fiber.

Funk Bang Double Tungsten Carbon Fibre Ring

Funk Bang Double Tungsten Carbon Fibre Ring

Jewelry in general and wedding rings in specific were once confined to women alone. It was only after World War II, men of all occupations and classes began to wear rings to show that they are committed to a woman. Rings were tokens which reminded them constantly that they have to marry their beloveds for certain once they are back. Many also argue that men started to wear rings to show that they are affluent enough to wear them and also to pronounce their social status. If you go through documentations drafted and preserved across various centuries, women did not shy away to state that they are engaged to a person but men found it less desirable to proclaim their engagement in public. This could also be the reason for uncommon use of rings among men. Some chose to wear them all the time while some chose to wear them as and when it suited them. Women did their best to make their men wear rings. A historic finding has revealed this fact. Earlier, men in Italy and Greece were presented with “puzzle rings” by their future wives that consisted of a sequence of interlocking rings that required arranging them in a particular order to make it one wearable ring. This was given with an intention to avoid replacing or removing them easily and quickly. Even though various theories make rounds on the practice of wearing rings by men, the accepted one is that men too have started to appreciate the beauty of jewelry and love flaunting them. Since not many men consider wearing earrings and necklaces appropriate, rings might have emerged as a simpler solution to wear jewelry. Not only this, it is now being worn as a fashion accessory too and at all occasions.

There was a time when men chose to sport simple types of bands made from gold, silver and later on in platinum. But now the preference has somewhat changed. Men have become daring enough to try different bands of different styles made from a variety of metals. Thanks to jewelry designers as they are the ones who have made this possible. Even though plain bands are always a convenient choice for men, there are many sophisticated designs that can make the process of choosing a delectable one. Unlike women who like everything bright and beautiful, men like everything suttle and neutral. This would make it clear why they have a desire for all that are grey, white and black in color. Hence tungsten carbide rings for men are selling like hot cakes all over the globe. These rings look simple, suave with un compromising elegance.. Some distinct patterns even combine one or more metals to make these rings look alluring for men. This can include gold in yellow, rose and green tones, palladium, silver, tungsten, titanium and platinum in white. Diamonds and other colored gemstones are also incorporated in the design to give these rings a funky twist.

The concept of designing rings for yourself and for your partner is also catching up among all. The ring designs thus created emerge as one of a kind as it incorporates love too in it. It has been observed that certain shapes like rounds, ovals, diamonds and hearts are favorite choices of women while squares, rectangles, hexagons and octagons are preferred options of men. The same way gemstones and diamonds are a girl’s favorite picks, while carbon fibers and ceramic inlays are a guy’s favorite. You need not have to be a creative person to come up with your own design, all you need to possess is a concept or idea you look forward to wear. Some of the best online jewelry stores are well equipped to handle this type of requirement. These websites make sure that you come across each and every aspect of the ring through a step by step selection process. Pictorial representations and written descriptions help a lot to make the selection effortless. But to make it very appropriate for the wearer, there are certain important factors that require consideration.  It includes personality type, body shape, size and activities in which the wearer is involved. Personality type becomes a prime factor of selection especially when you want a matching wedding band. Because it involves two people who might have varied tastes, personalities, hand sizes and occupations. But tungsten bands come as the best solution as it can be fashioned to suit the tastes of both the man and the woman either in simple or lavish designs as preferred  since this metal offers endless options. If needed, you can also include symbols, texts and patterns engraved on them as part of the customization process. Tungsten bands for men are normally wider and thick when compared to the women’s bands because men involve themselves with hard or strenuous work and activities unlike women, who involve themselves with delicate or sedentary work. Wide rings are considered apt for men or women with a big body structure and long fingers while slender and sleek varieties are found appropriate for slender fingers and with a thin body frame. Generally men prefer bands without gemstones or diamonds as they feel that they can get dislodged or damaged when doing strenuous work. But some men prefer them for their flashy appearance and flaunt them while partying or attending a high-profile meeting.