Wedding bands are a wedding necessity that signifies the union of souls and beliefs shared by couples across the whole world. The act of exchanging wedding bands is being followed by almost all cultures and societies for many centuries, irrespective of the emerging fashion trends. In ancient days gold and diamonds dominated the jewellery market as they were synonymous for wealth, luxury and eternity. As time passed, the trend gave way to various modern style adoptions that satiated the preferences of modern couples. It is during such a period wedding bands took some of the fanciful and personalized shapes, colors and designs with or without personalized messages engraved on them. Some are even custom made in order to reflect the character of the person wearing them.


Rings with gemstones matching the couple’s birth date and month came into being, like wise the matching bands with the same design were created for the man and the woman. If you look at today’s scenario, the once so famous yellow metal has lost its sheen to the white metal options like platinum and tungsten. When taking a closer look at these two white metal options, you are sure to accept that platinum is a relatively expensive metal that is obviously suitable only for the crème and elite of the society. Its value is justified due to its rarity. But tungsten jewellery on the other hand is very affordable yet offering the same look as that of the ones created from platinum. Many couples especially youngsters find them very attractive, pocket-friendly and suitable to go with most of their casual attire. This change in preference has resulted in the popularity of tungsten jewellery and the increased stock in jewellery stores.

tungsten wedding jewellery

An interesting truth about tungsten jewellery is that they are highly resilient and resistant to scratches and damages. It also promises a polish and sheen that would last for years together without requiring any polishing in-between. Even if any sweat, dirt or oil gets accumulated on the rings made from tungsten (which is a common phenomenon) it can be cleaned using a simple water and soap solution. No need to go to a professional cleaner or invest in buying expensive cleaning solutions. Men who make most use of their hands during work find the above said qualities of tungsten very practical and hence opt for them over other metal choices when it comes to rings, especially. Also, these rings are hypo-allergenic to skin, making it a wonderful ring choice for wearers with sensitive or allergic skin.