February, a special month to celebrate with candies and gifts is yet to arrive and people are gazing at what gift to choose for their valentine. If you are doing so here are few suggestions. Valentine’s Day 2014, a special day to celebrate with your Valentines falls on Friday, where it’s the perfect time for a romantic weekend. And the best gifts you can opt this year are
• A candle light dinner:
Candle light dinner can give you a romantic dinner experience and is the best way to surprise your valentine. Choose a restaurant outdoor with dim light and mild music that can add joy to your candle light dinner.

• Gift jewellery to your valentine:
Jewelleries, especially rings are the most traditional gifts on a valentines’ day. Proposing your wedding or engagement with rings can speak a hundred words comparing to other valentines’ day gifts.

• Gift an Album
Gifting an album with captured moments spent together from day one can be a creative Valentine’s Day gift. Grab an album or create your own with the pictures of your fun-filled and romantic moments spent together.

• Gift a tour package
Spending time together can mean a lot to your special ones and as valentines’ day 2014 falls on Friday, a weekend tour together would be pleasing.


• Watch a movie together
If you don’t really want to spend too much for valentines’ day but still want to stick around with your valentine, you can go for a recently released movie or watch his/her favourite movie together indoor.

• Gift a fragrance
Fragrances are closely related to couples, love and romance and gifting one of your favourite can add a little bit of romance. Choose the one you love, the one that you want your companion to put on.

• Candies and flowers:
Candies and flowers are the most common gifts on a valentines’ day but if you still want to stick on with it then that would be a classic gift on a Valentines’ day.