One of the best occasions to celebrate love in the modern world is Valentine’s Day.  The occasion sends all lovers in a frenzy trying to find that one special gift to make their loved ones go all ‘starry-eyed’ and mushy throughout the day. Infact, the day has acquired so much importance that many choose it to exchange their wedding bands or  even get engaged . Valentine’s Day is not restricted though, only to lovers. It is a day to express your feelings for your parents, siblings and close friends as well. Though the day falls on the 14th of February, people start deciding on gifts from the first month of the year. Jewellery makes for a long-lasting gift and Tungsten rings have become the most sought after finger jewellery around the world. Stylish and sturdy, they lend a matchless sparkle to your fingers.  Tungsten Rings are made of the most superior quality tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a fine mix of Tungsten and carbon alloy and is mixed with sheer silver, gold, carbon fiber and Kevlar to make it resistant to every possible wear and tear a person experiences. Tungsten rings for Valentine’s make for the ultimate statement in gifting.  For this special occasion you can have the ring customized to your desire. The very fact that you can customize a tungsten ring makes it more appealing. Available in a range of designs that vary from roped bands, knotted bands to  plain rings, you can take a call on the kind of base you would like for the ring, the option of wanting stripes and grooves, groove fillings either with a metal like gold or precious stones and get a ring made to your desire.   You can also have them engraved with either a select symbol or alphabet either on the inside or outside of the ring cementing your emotions forever.  For Valentine’s Day, you can actually have a little heart or cupid engraved on the Tungsten ring making it doubly attractive and a memorable gift. However, when you ask for a customized tungsten ring with the many desired changes, the time delivery is normally between eight to ten weeks.


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Tungsten rings are ten times more tough than gold which makes them extremely strong. They never bend or   get scratched or damaged like gold, platinum, silver and other metals do.  Tungsten rings never lose their brilliance. So you can heave a sigh of relief and not worry about having to get them polished over a period of time. Tungsten rings use nickel as a binder and this makes them ideal for people who have a sensitive skin.  The range of variety and their inherent features complemented with the affordability of Tungsten rings have made them very popular and desirable. In case of any – though extremely rare- manufacturing defects, Tungsten rings come with a guarantee of one year. The shipments for these rings are absolutely free and yes, they arrive in creative gift boxes.