Weddings can take place in various forms and can include different kinds of rituals and traditions but they all ultimately signify the union of two souls and bodies. The main objective of wedding celebration ideas is to pronounce the couple’s dedication and love to each other, publicly. If you look at the customs followed by various nationalities and communities, you would acknowledge that they all expect and symbolize the blissful and prosperous union of the newly wed for the rest of their lives. Wedding rings were and still are vital elements that without their exchange weddings are not consummate. Romans and Greeks wanted their rings to last forever and hence wore wedding rings made from gold or cast iron while the Egyptians wore woven grass rings symbolizing eternity. This idea is deep rooted in the minds of today’s modern couples too; hence prefer wedding rings made from gold, platinum, diamond and tungsten carbide.

When you flip through the pages of history you would know that various interesting traditions were followed. For instance, the couples belonging to Latin America were physically fastened with a white lasso, rosary or heirloom mantilla to show their union. Jewish couples were supposed to share a cup of wine as part of the ritual while Japanese couples drank Sake. Many traditions also indicated the binding of families and beginning of a new life after marriage. Japanese perform wedding rituals involving couple’s families facing each other while couples of Scotland exchanged family plaids or tartans. Customary wedding outfits and colours were exclusive to certain societies and nationalities. Australian and American brides most often wore ivory or white coloured attire while Asian brides preferred them in vibrant colours. Red is a favored colour among Chinese and Indian brides. Japanese wore Uchikake and Vietnamese wore Ao dai. Wedding ceremonies seldom were celebrated without a vast spread of food and wedding cakes epitomized them. Ring cake or Krasenkage is exclusive to Norwegian weddings while fruitcakes soaked in spirit are exclusive to conventional Irish and English weddings. Even though life styles and customs of people around the globe have seen a sea of change, some rituals are still being followed, revived and are imbibed into modern wedding celebration ideas.

Wedding Celebration

Owing to a hectic lifestyle, couples now leave the job of planning and carrying out wedding celebrations at the hands of wedding planners who in turn take the pain to come up with magnificent wedding celebration ideas.