Can you hear the wedding bells ringing? Is it time for you to be the groom and to sweep your bride off her feet? If yes, then here is some free advice. Wedding day is the most special day in your life, when you make certain promises for life. You want it to just perfect and without any error, we’ll do just that. Here are a few tips to plan your wedding.

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE- Although it is your wedding and it needs to be the ‘grande’ affair, it’s better to have it simple. When you try to add too much bling there are more chances it becoming difficult to manage. You can keep it simple yet beautiful because simplicity is elegance.
  2. PARTICIPATE- Be as vocal as your bride when it comes to making decisions about your wedding even if it is as small as deciding what kind of cuisine you wish to have at your wedding party or what flowers you wish to use for decoration. Not only will your bride appreciate your participation, you will also get a sneak-peek into how it is to get the work done with the two of you in it.
  3. PLAN A SPECIAL THING- It could be a gift, a song, a dance or anything out of the blue! Plan something special for your wedding that comes as a surprise to everyone and adds to the cheer of the moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     mad tungsten rings- wedding tips
  4. BRING IN UNIQUENESS- Forget the cliches and conventional ways of being wed. Plan your wedding in a way that is remembered for life. Decide a place where you and her always wanted to get married not a place where the others think it right. Or decide on music that makes you and her dance and not the one that is usually played. Add your touch to it, go unconventional. You never wanted to do it like the crowd did you?
  5. DECIDE AND TRY YOUR ATTIRE IN ADVANCE- It is highly recommended that you get your attire designed and try it on way before your wedding. It is not the just the brides who need to plan what they are wearing well in advance.
  6. MANAGE YOUR SIDE OF THE GUEST-LIST- Line up your groomsmen, co-ordinate with them, tell them what do you expect of them and make them comfortable. When half the work is done by you, she will definitely be very relieved.
  7. BE THE STRESS BUSTER- It is known forever that women get easily worked up especially when it comes to her wedding. She is worried about looking good, being good, doing good…whew! You can help her relax, by visiting her late at night, sending her flowers, calling up and texting asking if she needs help etc.
  8. HONEYMOON : DECIDE TOGETHER- Research and plan on the right destination for your honeymoon together, involve her in the process and get involved equally. Choose a destination or a group of destinations that appeals to both of you.
  9. UNDERSTAND AND DON’T BE PUSHY- Certain ceremonies, certain ways of arranging the wedding may not make any sense to you and you may find them to be completely unnecessary. But understand that it may be important to her or to your or her family and accept it. Don’t be pushy about something, when it’s being would only make someone else happier.
  10. BE YOURSELF- Last but not the least, just be yourself. Be how are you are going to be with her for the rest of your lives, be honest and do what you would do under normal circumstances. Don’t try to impress anyone or win anybody’s attention because after all it is your wedding and hers and that’s all that matters!

There is saying, “A smooth sea never makes a successful sailor”, even though best efforts are put in to give you tips to plan your wedding, there may be certain fall-outs, last minute changes that may leave you tensed but then remember the saying given above and sail your wedding boat successfully!