Your wedding is around the corner and you are getting nervous? You want it to be the best as it is the most special moment, so what theme would you design for your wedding? Here is a list of some of the best wedding themes, that look beautiful, unique and make a statement that can be remembered throughout life.

  • A caricature wedding theme: What is the first thing that is done to capture the moments of your wedding? You hire video-graphers and photographers? Well, do something new this time. Hire a caricature artist or a cartoonist along with your photographer, who will make live cartoons of different moments of the wedding and a copy of these cartoons can be given out to your guests as a token of love and appreciation. It would not only tag you as a cool and unique, but will also bring in a lighter and an entertainment element in your wedding.
  • A beach wedding theme: Give your guests a flavor of how exquisite a  wedding can be. Plan it on a beach, under the swaying palm and coconut trees, with the tides adding to the music of your wedding. Design your wedding dress in a lighter other than white or black, add a fresh and young tinge to your wedding, that is a pleasure not only for you but also for your guests.
  • A boat wedding theme: Aha! Get married on a yacht, surrounded by water and in a completely unconventional manner. Dive into the water, have a water ball dance, drink in the water, kiss in the water, in short, do everything that can begin a trend. You will definitely remember this day throughout your life.
  • An outdoor wedding theme: Get married in the midst of nature, hang lamps on the trees, make a spread on the lawn instead of the conventional indoor weddings that aren’t that charming! Let it be under the sun, make sunbeds for your guests and cover it with colourful umbrellas, followed by a barefoot dance on the grass! Later at night, make your guests stargaze! You can also have a wedding at a vineyard and enjoy the fresh wine, along with the grape stomping which will be completely unique.

wedding theme

  • A vintage wedding: It doesn’t matter where do you have this one, indoor or outdoor but give it a classic look. Get in antiques to design your wedding, dress up like a king or a queen, have classic liquor and vintage wine combined with age old starters and food. Get the melodies played of songs that sing of romance and pure love. Keep it rich and classy by using brown, white and read. To take the guests, in the past, you can get a character from a novel or a painter alive one each table, who would entertain your guests. All you have to do is hire some 20 actors, each playing someone, like Picasso, Scarlet, Michelangelo etc. It would certainly be exceptional.

These were a few unique wedding themes that you could adopt. Happy Wedding!