From pre-wedding engagements to your post wedding honeymoon, you tend to heavily tax your brain reasoning the various possibilities of making your wedding an indelible one. Though it is quite plausible to do so, a smarter choice essentially makes a great difference. Bring in a holistic approach to your wedding with these wedding tips at your disposal.

Planner:- Begin with a wedding diary or a planner in which you write your day to day conversations with your would be spouse or your family members regarding your wedding and keep erasing or ticking the tasks that you think have been completed. Well, this doesn’t require any budget but prioritizing necessities over wish list is surely a must. Once needs are met, you can consider other requirements.

Wedding dress: – It is extremely important to plan your wedding dress much earlier. Perhaps, it is not a bad idea to speculate your wedding dress the moment you consider a wedding. The fabric and design should not only appeal you but also the groom. Since you stay in your wedding dress for a longer time, a comfortable fabric could be chosen. If you prefer, you can opt for a once worn wedding dress that helps you save some cash. It isn’t about not making you feel special on your special day but about being practical in every walk of life. However, if you are particular about a new one, you still have the privilege to treasure it throughout your life or sell it back.

Wedding theme and embellishment: – It is imperative, though not mandatory to know the objective behind a wedding theme since your thought process and your taste is manifested in your wedding theme. Whether a traditional wedding or a vintage wedding or a contemporary wedding plan, make sure you discuss before you pick a colour theme or a décor theme.

Wedding Rings: – From times immemorial, wedding rings are significant in weddings and there is no other alternative to Wedding Rings. Pick rings that’ll suit your finger and would be easy to hold on. You cannot compromise on this. If expensive rings are not your cup of tea, then alternative metals are a good choice.


Invitations and other accessories: – Outsourcing your wedding invitations and other accessories are optimal as you just need to choose from a variety of available designs. You are the CEO of your wedding ceremony and you need to be delegating responsibilities to the members of your family or bridesmaids to take charge of your things. The photographer should not only be understanding and patient but also        be able to understand your cues and ideas.

The Wedding cakes or the wedding party cannot be overlooked and needs to be planned well in advance. Work on your skin and hair a little to look at your best during wedding. Your Honey-moon destination, of course, should take into consideration your budget also.

Finally, a wedding planner and tracking your daily agenda including the money spent will make your wedding an unforgettable event.