There we go, here comes the eternal question of what to wear at your wedding! You obviously want to look your best but you are confused as to what to choose! At a wedding, too look classy, opt for a tuxedo. It brings out the gentleman inside you. There are ample of tuxedo designs and styles available and out of those, you got to choose your best!

Usually there are three kinds of tuxedo fits, the classic fit: which is the traditional tuxedo with a full cut, leaving less space for you to breathe, the modern fit: this is what most guys would choose, it is a tuxedo made for ease of motion and for comfort with an lower cut and the slim fit: the name says it all. So look around, make your choice and decide on what fits the best for you.

Some of the top wedding tuxedo styles are as follows:

  • The Monochrome Black Tuxedo: Black tuxedos topped the charts. They look classy and fit, no matter what style they are worn in.
  • The Color Black Tuxedo: You can match the color of your waistcoat with the color your girl is wearing. And if you are the groom then this is the best choice.
  • The Grey Tuxedo: This ranks high for those who want to divert a little from the conventional black. Grey speaks of charm, it will definitely swipe your girl off her feet.
  • The Two-Three Button Tuxedo: Go for the chic, two- three button tuxedo rather than opting for the one button style. It will make you look more formal and smart at the same time.
  • The Single Breasted Tuxedo: Do away with the double-breasted tuxedo style completely, it is not in vogue anymore. The single-breast style looks even more charming and chic.
  • Teaming it up with a bow or tie: Choose your style according to what suits you better. For some a bow may speak of their personality, while for others a tie would do the work. The colors of these bows or ties, could be either the same as your woman’s color or lighter or darker shade of your tuxedo’s color. Both would look lovely.

Tuxedo wedding styles for men


So these are a few tips to choose from, to rent or buy your tuxedo for a wedding. Above all there is one tip to offer; choose what you are most comfortable in and what defines your style rather than choosing what is in vogue or what is suggested by others!