A popular saying, used for lots of years says that “Marriages are made in heaven”. We do not know whether actually marriages are made in heaven but what we do know for sure is that marriages do feel like heaven. It puts you on cloud nine. The best available evidence shows that weddings are over 4000 years old! One of the first known weddings was in Mesopotamia, in 2350 B.C. A successful wedding reflects the efforts of not only the two people who are to be wed but also their family, friends and relatives who add to the life of the wedding, who make the celebration possible. And what adds to the fun is the theme and the place of your wedding. Australia is one of the best places to get married, you can get married at any time of the day, you have to pay nothing to the government except the fees for the registration certificate and most importantly you have ample of scenic places to choose from. Also, there aren’t complicated legal issues to get married in Australia, it is indeed a heaven! You make your days and nights one to choose the theme, the dress, the food, the decorations, the gifts, the cards, the honeymoon destinations, calling guests, making accommodation arrangements…whew! What not! But all this seems worth because weddings are the beginning of a new life, the first step into an area of responsibility, commitment and love. Therefore it has to be special, how do you make it special?  Here are the different types of weddings you can choose from:

BEACH WEDDING The hot favorite wedding destinations are the beautiful white sand beaches of Australia; make the most of these beaches. Having a beach themed wedding lets your guests break free of the tradition of getting married indoors or in a church. It becomes a literal celebration with every single person having a good time! Imagine this: You and your partner exchange rings by the sea with the sun setting at the horizon and the guests cheering around you. Doesn’t that feel right out of a fairy tale? Other than that, you can choose to play Hawaiian music and white decors. As for the food, use a lot of fruits options, they not only look colorful but also add to the happiness quotient for your guests. After sundown, use lamps but make sure they are covered as the wind on the beach may blow your candles off! And lastly for your wedding dress, choose a color that complement the blue sea, it would look just perfect.

VINEYARD WEDDING The lovely vineyard, the juicy grapes and the cheerful grape stomping a perfect canvas to paint your wedding on! Vineyards weddings give an out of the world feeling when you toast your wine glasses together in the name of love. Choose colors such as maroon and red for your decors, if you want to tone it down choose shades of cream. The flowers that best go with a vineyard theme are roses. They are the perfect set-up. You can have an Italian and Thai food cuisine. Lastly and most importantly have an assorted cheese counter to go with the wine; it is the best combination ever. If you want to give a personal touch to it, you can write personalized, ‘thank you for coming’ messages and put it inside wine bottles and keep it on the tables meant for the guests.

GREEN WEDDING For the couples who are environment conscious and want to give out a very good message, green weddings are the best option. Everything at this kind of wedding is eco-friendly. Use e-invitations or recycled paper, use minimum of plastic and other products that are not environment friendly. Opt for the old ways of lights by using lamps rather than electricity to power your weddings, get your food supplied by the caterer who used organic vegetables, wearing a dress that is made of organic fiber and lastly get your flowers supplied by a florist who grows them without the use of pesticides. Go green on the most important day of your life; it will surely make this world a better place to live in for your future generations.

CHURCH/ CHAPEL WEDDING If you like to go the traditional way, the church or the chapel is the right place for you. You wish to walk down the aisle towards your better half to take the vows, while the world looks on. For these weddings, the décor is not the most important part, what is most important are the notes and gifts you give out to your guests and reception you give out later. Wear the classic white wedding grass which touches the floor behind you and hold a bouquet of roses in your hand. At the reception you can use the maximum of white and red roses to give it the same touch as the church. Go for yellow lights if needed and add pleasant instrumental music.  To make these weddings a little innovative you can incorporate your love story on the aisle runner on which you walk, le the world know your love story! Classic silver tungsten rings can be a good option for your wedding ring. Old is gold!

PET-INCLUSIVE WEDDING This is the latest trend for the wedding theme and yes of course it is very compassionate to think about your pet animals on your wedding day. At this kind of wedding you and your guests bring along your pets (and choose to dress them as well, if you please), have counters for pet food and give some special treatment to these pets as if they were human too. It is an extremely cute wedding gesture and it will definitely be the dominant part of the gossip but you should also be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Keep your tables high, use the minimum of cloth, call some people who specialize in handling pets just to take control of the situation should something go amiss etc. With proper precautions, this kind of wedding is truly adorable.

BUDDHIST WEDDING Buddha, the founder of Buddhism did not consider weddings, being a religious affair; rather it was a social affair for him. Having a Buddhist wedding is to convey the messages of peace and harmony. There is no particular set of customs for a Buddhist wedding but usually a monk chants from Buddhist sacred texts in the language of Pali and the guests must remove their shoes before entering the temple as they consider it sacred. The brides usually wear the traditional wedding dress and the bridegroom wears a suit or a vest. These weddings are not very modern but are traditional in nature; it is a way of entering into the bond of wedding with mutual respect for each other and with the quest for inner peace. There is no decoration or much of celebration as Buddhist weddings are meant to be a peaceful affair, however you can choose to have a reception after the wedding for what is missed out at the wedding.

MILITARY WEDDING Most of these weddings take place at military chapels or at the academy grounds of the military. You have to seek prior permission to hold your wedding over there, as there are strict rules as to who can and who cannot marry at these places. The Chaplain conducts the military weddings and after the ceremony the newlyweds walk through an arch of sabers, which are similar curved swords with a single edge, this is not mandatory but couples opt for it to add to the charm of the wedding ceremony. Receptions can be held at the officer’s clubs or at a place of your choice; there are no rules for that. Looking at an officer in the uniform of the military is charming in itself, looking at him with his woman beside him is an epitome of charm altogether. To add to the romance, get the wedding rings customized by getting your names etched on the inside or on the outside of it.

PICNIC WEDDING Don’t like all the serious business about the wedding? Then have a gala time at the picnic wedding. As the name suggests, it is an outdoor wedding with tents and gazebos, dining under the trees with the brown basket of delicacies beside you and singing and dancing together till your heart desires. You can light only the tress with blue and white lights for the night and wear a bright colored wedding dress. As for your wedding rings, you can get the tungsten carbide custom made rings which has innovative designs to complement your picnic wedding. Have certain plans to play games (arrange for a mini casino if you desire) with your guests to get them all together and bring out the child in each of them. Everyone needs a good break out of their routine; nobody will choose to not attend a picnic wedding simply because it is an out of the box idea. Light a bonfire under the moonlight to make it just perfect!

COUNTRY WEDDING You hate the hush-hush and the extravagance? Head to the country, have a quiet and simple wedding over there in the fields. Have your guests wear the cowboy hats if not the complete cowboy/cowgirl attire, have it at a barn and don’t forget to have a country bar. Keep your dress light and the suit airy, you got to be free to dance! You know what kind of music to opt for-the country music, the lively songs and the galloping dance. A perfect getaway, ‘back of beyond!’

WEDDING IN TRANSPORT How about getting married in a movable location? Fun isn’t it? A train, a car, a boat or if you got big money charter a plane and get married there. At such kind of a wedding you wouldn’t be able to have a large number of people, only the close and the important ones would be able to fit in at this wedding but anyway, only they matter right? Make sure that you have made arrangements to deal with motion sickness and have decorations that are fixed well as due to the movement, disasters are likely to happen. Choose highly romantic to and from destinations, to have fun even after the wedding and also before.

PERIOD WEDDING Most of us desire to live in a particular era of time, either in the past or in the future. Live your dream on your wedding day, make your décor as such that it reflects a certain era, maybe the 60s or 2100! This is one chance for you to get creative and literally time travel without having to worry about anything. Period weddings assert the phrase ‘out of the world’ very well.

Science is not needed here is it?   All these kinds of wedding ideas are the best to have in Oz; you can wisely choose the one that appeals to you the most.  Some are with the wedding traditions, some are without. For any theme based wedding, custom wedding rings and preferable tungsten carbide rings are the best option. You can get your ring designed according to the wedding theme you choose. Tungsten rings have time and again proved to be the best choice for him and her both because of their durability and the symbol of commitment it becomes for both of you. For every person on this planet, weddings are one of the most important days of their lives which would be etched in their memories for time immemorial. Weddings are not mere ceremonies; they are actually a celebration of love, of the union of the two souls, of life and of a beginning.  It need not be a ‘big fat Greek wedding’, all it needs to be is an expression of the bond you and your partner share and not in the way it is held throughout the world but in your own way, after all it is your wedding. When it is already a brilliant place like Oz, weddings can never go wrong, they got to be perfect. Have a happy wedding! Hoo roo!