Now that you have summoned enough courage and decided to “pop the question”, it is time to think of a wedding band to suit the occasion. Though gold and platinum wedding bands are considered to be the conventional wedding band material, tungsten, the versatile and second hardest material on earth is fast replacing others on the popularity chart.

Versatile material

Tungsten carbide, which has the highest melting point among all metals at 3,300 °C, is the popular choice today as it reflects a man’s macho image and matches the rough and tumble of today’s fast paced life. It is amazingly scratch-proof and remains intact even after several years of use, just as anyone would want the institution of marriage to be.

white tungsten rings

Popularity of white tungsten

Of all tungsten wedding rings and bands available, the most popular are white tungsten wedding bands for men and women that serve as fashion statements, in addition to announcing to the world that you are blissfully wedded. These white wedding bands have the same color and finish as titanium, though they glitter with a shine of their own and are more durable than gold or platinum. The white color does not come naturally, and there is a unique process behind it.

Unique manufacturing process

The white color in a white tungsten wedding band is achieved by bonding a metal called rhodium, which belongs to the platinum group, with tungsten. The resultant material is perfect for wedding bands and rings. Of course, you can choose from myriad patterns and designs, the domed white bands that have an arched, convex surface and fine finish, or the same convex surface with a textured brush finish. Similarly, the width of the rings, as well as the thickness are left entirely to one’s imagination. This is the advantage one has while placing a made to order ring that promises to turn out just perfect for the occasion.

The perfect choice

All these white tungsten wedding bands are backed by years of experience and the exquisite skill and craftsmanship that go into creating every single piece. Needless to say that they are guaranteed to be rock solid and a lot more durable than other conventional materials, and easy on the strong fingers of men, as well as the dainty fingers of women. The white tungsten wedding bands can be made to match engagement rings, making them all the more desirable. The tailor-made comfort fit, and the unique and durable quality of tungsten sure make the choice perfect enough to last a lifetime.