You can be very certain that a discussion on weddings will not end without the mention of wedding band as they have become an integral part of the occasion. Now, there are wedding bands both for the brides and grooms which was not the case prior to World War II. Then, only the brides wore them due to scarcity of funds. But after war got over, the growing economy enabled more couples to splurge on this jewelry item and eventually making it a norm.  Since then, wedding bands have become a symbol that pronounced the couple’s love and commitment to the world.

If a man was seen with bare hands, he was considered as a cheat or who detested commitment. Normally, it is the groom who purchases the wedding band for the bride and the bride who makes the purchase for the groom. But in certain parts of the world, the bride’s family buys for the couple. Whatever is the case and whomsoever purchases, ultimately the chosen wedding bands are expected to satisfy the preferences of the couple in terms of style, budget, comfort and fit.

In general, women like their wedding bands to be very ornate and expensive. Hence they normally go for the ones made from gold, platinum studded with diamonds or other expensive gemstones. Men on the other hand prefer to wear something comfortable and the ones that require less maintenance. They also have an affinity towards the shades of grey.

When chosen based on the above facts, you would zero in on wedding bands made of platinum, white gold and the latest being tungsten. When compared to white gold and platinum, tungsten wedding bands are getting rave reviews from men because they are not only in-expensive but also are comfortable to wear, daily. Being one of the most preferred wedding bands these days, tungsten rings can be found at almost all jewelry stores. Like men, women too have started liking these bands that stays sparkling and in tact forever.

While men’s wedding bands are found in simple yet bold designs, women’s rings are found in sleek yet sturdy patterns. Custom made rings too are in vogue as they enable reflect the personality and fashion sense of the couple. Sometimes the groom and the bride surprise each other by presenting wedding bands they would love to sport all through their lives. They take it as an opportunity to showcase their understanding between each other.