Finger rings are a mark of dignity and style. The use of rings is an age old tradition that dates back to 6000 years AD. Yet, our modern society has witnessed a renewed culture of finger rings. There were times when gold, silver or platinum were the popular and the most used of all metals in jewellery making and those that could not afford were left with no choice but relinquish such desires. But today, our worries could be set aside and we could walk with panache. Thanks to Tungsten Carbide Rings that offer a plethora of designs at an affordable cost. However, jewellery lovers and betrothed are persistently perturbed with choosing between Tungsten Carbide and Titanium Rings.

While both the metals can be styled out to be graceful, the question that sets in each of our minds is whether they are durable and long lasting. Titanium Rings are light in weight and malleable which under high pressure, apart from being damaged, are likely to cause harm to your fingers, whereas, Tungsten Carbide Rings, being extremely heavy and resilient keep your fingers safe. Its natural quality of being tough and impact resistant enables it to retain its strength even in extreme sweltering or freezing conditions. While some advocators of Titanium claim that the rings are hypoallergenic, you would be astounded to find yourself befuddled with the gradual change in your skin’s reaction to the metal. Tungsten on the other hand is like a spectrum in a palette. It’s durable, resilient, exceptionally lustrous, long lasting and non-allergic. Tungsten Carbide Rings perpetuate themselves in robustness and brilliance making it reliable and an optimal choice, be it your wedding ceremony or anniversary. It’s a prime and perfect choice to gift Tungsten Rings to beloved.

titanium Vs tungsten rings

One very stupendous feature of Tungsten Rings is that they are tarnish resistant and are not prone to scratches or wear and tear. Sadly, Titanium types can easily get scratched losing their initial glare. Tungsten is heavy, just as ornaments ought to be, fashioning themselves to be ostentatious and a symbol of pride. It is inevitable that such rings are commendable to those who desire to possess rings of high standard and credibility. A fantastic charm of Tungsten Rings is that they are much reasonable in price and affordable when compared to Titanium.

Tungsten Carbide Rings, the inimitable range of rings are prominent and trendy, above all plausible in every way to hold on to your finger.

Decision-making is a soft and subtle skill. So decide and wish for the winning Tungsten Carbide Rings for they are just ‘Good for you’.